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daida±lov-ceir , oJ, hJ , cunning of hand, Anth.


dai?zw , f. xw : aor. I ejdavi>xa : ( daivw B):— to cleave asunder, cleave, Hom ., Aesch.

2. to slay, smite, Il., Aesch.
3. to rend, tear, cersi; kovmhn h[/scune dai?zwn Il.:— Pass. , calkw`/ dedai>gmevno" Ib.; dedai>gmevno" h\tor through the heart, Ib.; dedai>gmevnon h\tor a heart torn by misery, Od.; dai>cqeiv" Pind ., Eur.

4. simply, to divide, ejdai?zeto qumo;" ejni; sthvqessin his soul was divided within him, i.e. was in doubt, Il.; dai>zovmeno" kata; qumo;n dicqavdia divided or doubting between two opinions, Ib.


da±i>kthvr , h`ro", oJ , a slayer: —as Adj. heart-rending, Aesch.


daimonavw , to be under the power of a daivmwn , to suffer by a divine visitation, daimona`n kakoi`" to be plunged in heaven-sent woes, Aesch. ; so, d. ejn a[ta/ Id.:— absol. to be possessed, to be mad, Eur ., Xen.


daimonivzomai , Med. to be possessed by a demon or evil spirit, N.T.


daimovnion , tov , ( daivmwn ) the Deity, Lat. numen , or divine operation, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. : a fatality, Dem.

II. an inferior divine being, a demon, Xen ., Plat.
2. a demon, evil spirit, N.T.


daimovnio" , a, on and o", on , of or belonging to a daivmwn :

I. voc. daimovnie, daimonivh , mostly in the way of reproach, thou luckless wight! thou wretch! sirrah! madam! Il.;—more rarely by way of admiration, noble sir! excellent man! Ib., Hes. ; also by way of pity, poor wretch! so in Hdt. , daimovnie ajndrw`n ; also in an iron. sense, my good fellow! good sir! w\ daimovniÆ ajndrw`n, w\ daimovniÆ, w\ daimovniÆ ajnqrwvpwn Ar ., Plat.

II. anything proceeding from the Deity, heaven-sent, divine, miraculous, Hdt ., Att. ; eij mhv ti daimovnion ei[h were it not a divine intervention, Xen .; ta; daimovnia visitations of Heaven, Thuc.

2. of persons, divine, excellent, Plat.
III. Adv. -w" , by Divine power, marvellously, Ar .:—so neut. pl. daimovnia Id., Xen. ; daimoniwvtata most clearly by the hand of the gods, Id.


daimoni-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) demoniacal, devilish, N.T.


daivmwn , ono", oJ, hJ , a god, goddess, like qeov", qeav , Hom. , Trag. , etc. :—in Hom. also Deity or Divine

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