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daisqeiv" , aor. I pass. part. of daivw A.


daitaleuv" , evw", oJ , ( daivnumi ) a banqueter, feaster, Aesch ., Ar.


daivth , hJ , poët. for daiv" , a feast, banquet, Il.


daivthqen , ( daiv" ) Adv. from a feast, Od., Theocr.


daitreuvw , f. sw , ( daitrov" ) to cut up meat, cut into joints or to carve, Od.: to cut up for distribution among the people, Il.


daitrovn , tov , ( daivw B) ones portion, daitro;n pivnein Il.


daitrov" , oJ , ( daivw B) one that carves meat, a carver, Od.


daitrosuvnh , hJ , the art of carving meat, a helping at table, Od.


daituØmwvn , ovno", oJ , ( daiv" ) one that is entertained, an invited guest, in pl. , Hom. , Hdt. :—in sing. , Plat. ; oJ xevnwn daitumwvn who makes his meal on strangers, Eur.


daituv" , uvo", hJ , Ep. for daiv" , a meal, Il.


dai?-frwn , on , gen. ono" , in Il., mostly, of warriors; in Od., of Ulysses. In the first case (from davi>" battle, frhvn ) of warlike mind, warlike; —in the second (from * davw, frhvn ) wise of mind, prudent. Others take * davw as the Root in all cases, and translate skilful, proved.

daivw, DAI vW

DAI vW (A), Act. only in pres. and impf. :— Pass. , 3 sing. aor. 2 subj. davhtai : so also pf. 2 act. devdha (used as pres. ), plqpf. dedhvein (as impf. ):— aor. I part. daisqeiv" . To light up, make to burn, kindle, Lat. accendo , Il., Aesch. :— Pass. to blaze, burn fiercely, Il.; puri; o[sse dedhvei blazed with fire, Od.; metaph. , povlemo", mavch devdhe war blazes forth, Il.; o[ssa dedhvei the report spread like wild-fire, Lat. flagrat rumor , Ib.

II. to burn, burn up, Lat. uro : Pass. , daisqeiv" Eur. (The Root is DA ü , which appears in the pf. pass.

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