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part. de-daumevno" , Simon. Amorg.)

daivw, DAI vW

DAI vW (B), to divide; for the Act. , dai?zw is used:— Pass. , daivetai h\tor Od.; Ep. 3 pl. pf ., dicqa; dedaivatai are divided in two, Ib.:— Med. to distribute, kreva Ib.—The aor. I e[daisa, ejdaisavmhn belong to daivnumi ; f. davsomai , aor. I ejdasavmhn to datevomai .


da±kev-qu<Eth>mo" , on , heart-eating, heart-vexing, Soph.


da±ketovn , tov , = davko" I , Ar.


daknavzomai , Dep. = davknomai : metaph. to be afflicted, mournful, imper. daknavzou Aesch.


davknw (Root DAK ): f. dhvxomai : pf. devdhca : aor. 2 e[da±kon , Ep. davke , redupl. devdake ; Ep. inf. dakevein :— Pass. , f. dhcqhvsomai : aor. I ejdhvcqhn : pf. devdhgmai :— to bite, of dogs, Il.; stovmion d . to champ the bit, Aesch. ; cei`lo" ojdou`si dakwvn , as a mark of determination, Tyrtae.; d. eJautovn to bite ones lips for fear of laughing, Ar.

II. metaph. of pungent smoke and dust, to sting or prick the eyes, Ar.
III. of the mind, to bite or sting, davke frevna" mu`qo" Il.; e[dake hJ luvph Hdt .; so in Trag. :— Pass. , of love, dhcqei`sa Eur .; kardivan devdhgmai I was stung, vexed at heart, Ar.


davko" , eo", tov , ( davknw ) an animal of which the bite is dangerous, a noxious beast, Aesch .; davkh qhrw`n ravenous beasts, Eur.

davkru, DA vKRU

DA vKRU , tov , poët. for davkruon , dat. pl. davkrusi , a tear, Lat. lacruma ( v. D d . II . 4), Hom. , Trag.

II. like davkruon , any drop, d. peuvkinon Eur.


davkru<Eth>ma , ato", tov , ( dakruvw ) that which is wept for, a subject for tears, Orac. ap. Hdt.

II. that which is wept, a tear, Aesch ., Eur.


dakruovei" , essa, en , ( davkruon ):

1. of persons, tearful, much-weeping, Hom .; dakruoven gelavsai , as Adv. , to smile through tears, Il.
2. of things, tearful, causing tears, povlemo", mavch Ib.


davkruon , tov , Ep. gen. pl. dakruovfi ( -fin ), ( davkru ) a tear, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. , etc.

2. anything like tears, gum, Hdt.

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