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dia-teivnw , f. -tenw` : pf. -tevta±ka :— to stretch to the uttermost, tovxon Hdt .: to stretch out, ta;" cei`ra" Xen.

II. intr. to extend, continue, Arist.
B. Med. and Pass. to exert oneself, Xen ., etc. ; diateinavmeno" at full speed, Id.; with all ones force, Theocr. ; diateivnesqai prov" ti to exert oneself for a purpose, Xen.

2. to maintain earnestly, contend for, ti Dem.
II. in strict sense of Med. to stretch out for oneself, d. ta; bevlea to have their lances poised, Hdt .; d. to; tovxon to have ones bow strung, Id.


dia-teicivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to cut off and fortify by a wall, Ar.

2. to divide as by a wall, Xen. Hence diateivcisma


diateivcisma , ato", tov , a place walled off and fortified, Thuc.


dia-tekmaivromai , Dep. to mark out, Lat. designare , Hes.


dia-teleutavw , f. hvsw , to bring to fulfilment, Il.


dia-televw , f. -televsw , Att. -telw` , to bring quite to an end, accomplish, Eur ., Xen.

II. absol ., mostly with a part. added, to continue being or doing so and so, Hdt. , Plat. :—but the part. is sometimes omitted, d. provqumo" to continue zealous, Thuc. : also simply to continue, go on, persevere, Plat. : to live on, Id.


dia-telhv" , ev" , ( tevlo" ) continuous, incessant, Soph ., Plat.


dia-tevmnw , Ion. -tavmnw , f. -temw` , to cut through, cut in twain, dissever, Il., Hdt. ; divca d . Plat. :— metaph. to disunite, Aeschin.

2. to cut up, Hdt .: —Pass ., diatmhqh`nai levpadna to be cut into strips, Ar.


dia-tetraivnw : f. -tranevw , Att. -tranw` , or -trhvsw :— to bore through, make a hole in, ti Hdt.


dia-thvkw , f. xw , to melt, soften by heat, Ar.

II. Pass ., with pf. -tevthka , to melt away, thaw, Xen.


dia-threvw , f. hvsw , to watch closely, observe, Plat ., etc.

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