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2. to keep faithfully, maintain, Dem ., Arist.
3. d. eJauto;n e[k tino" to keep oneself from. . , N.T.


diativ ; better written dia; tiv ; Lat. quamobrem ? wherefore?


dia-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw , to place separately, arrange each in their own places, dispose, to; me;n ejpi; dexiav, to; dÆ ejpÆ ajristerav Hdt .; so Xen. , etc.

II. to manage well or ill, with an Adv. , kravtista diatiqevnai ta; tou` polevmou Thuc .; of persons, d. tina; ajnhkevstw" to treat him barbarously, Hdt,:— Pass. , ouj rJa/divw" dietevqh he was not very gently treated or handled, Thuc.

2. ou{tw diatiqevnai tinav to dispose one so or so, Plat. , etc.
III. to recite, Id.
B. Med. to arrange as one likes, to dispose of, th;n qugatevra Xen ., etc.
2. to dispose of ones property, devise it by will, Plat .: oJ diaqevmeno" thedevisor, testator, N.T.
3. to set out for sale, dispose of merchandise, Hdt. , Xen.
4. to arrange mutually, d. diaqhvkhn tiniv to make a covenant with one, Ar. , N. t.; prov" tina Ib.; e[rin d. ajllhvloi" to settle a quarrel with one, Xen.


diav-tilma , ato", tov , ( tivllw ) a portion plucked off, Anth.


di-ati<Eth>mavw , f. hvsw , to continue to dishonour, Aesch.


dia-tiØnavssw , f. xw , to shake asunder, shake to pieces, Od., Eur:— f. med. in pass. sense, Id.

II. to shake violently, Id.


dia-tinqalevo" , a, on , = tinqalevo" , Ar.


dia-tmhvgw , aor. I -evtmhxa : aor. 2 -evtma±gon , pass. -mavghn :— Ep. for diatevmnw , to cut in twain, diatmhvxa" having cut [the Trojan host] in twain, Il.; lai`tma dievtmagon I clove the wave, Od.; w\lka d ., of ploughing, Mosch. :— Pass. , dievtmagen (3 pl. aor. 2 for -mavghsan ) they parted, Hom .: they were scattered abroad, Il.


diatomhv , hJ , ( diatevmnw ) a severance, Aesch.


dia-toxeuvsimo" , on , ( toxevuw ) that can be shot across, d. cwvra a place within arrow-shot, Plut.

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