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diaceirotoniva , hJ , election, Dem ., Aeschin.


dia-cevw , f. -cew` : aor. I -evcea , Ep. -evceua :— to pour different ways, to disperse, Hdt .:— to cut up a victim, Hom.

2. to dissolve, break up, destroy, Xen.
3. metaph. to confound, ta; bebouleumevna Hdt.
II. Pass. to be poured from one vessel into another, Id.
2. to run through, spread about, Thuc.
3. to be dissolved, fall away, of a corpse, Hdt. : to disperse, of soldiers, Xen.
4. metaph. to be or become diffuse or dissipated, Plat.


dia-cleuavzw , strengthd. for cleuavzw , Dem.


dia-covw , old form for diacwvnnumi, diacou`n to; cw`ma to complete the mound, Hdt.


dia-cravomai , Ion. -crevomai : f. hvsomai , Dor. 3 sing. -crhsei`tai :

I. Dep ., c. dat. rei, to use constantly or habitually, Hdt .; th`/ ajlhqeivh/ d . to speak the truth, Id.; d. ajreth`/ to practise virtue, Id.
b. like Lat. utor , of passive states, to meet with, suffer under, sumforh`/, aujcmw`/ Id.
2. c. acc. pers. to use up, consume, destroy, Id., Thuc.
II. Pass ., pf. -kevcrhmai , to be lent out to different persons, Dem.


diav-cru<Eth>so" , on , interwoven with gold, Dem.


diavcuØsi" , ew", hJ , ( diacevw ) diffusion, Plat .; d. lambavnein to be spread out, Plut.

II. merriment, Id.


dia-cwvnnu<Eth>mi , = diacovw , Strab.


dia-cwrevw , f. hvsw , to go through, pass through: impers ., kavtw diecwvrei aujtoi`" they were suffering from diarrhoea, Xen.

2. of coins, to be current, Luc.


dia-cwrivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to separate, Xen. Hence diacwvrisma

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