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diereivdomai , f. -eivsomai , Med. to lean upon, tini Eur.


di-erevssw , f. -erevsw : aor. I -hvresa , poët. -hvressa :— to row about, cersi; d . to swim, Od.

2. c. acc ., d. ta;" cevra" to swing them about, Eur.


di-ereunavw , f. hvsw , to search through, examine closely, Plat .: also in Med. , Id. Hence diereunhthv"


diereunhthv" , ou`, oJ , a scout or vidette, Xen.


dierivzw , f. sw , to strive with one another: Med. to contend with, tiniv Plut.


diermhneuthv" , ou`, oJ , an interpreter, N.T. From diermhneuvw


di-ermhneuvw , f. sw , to interpret, expound, N.T.

dierov", DIERO vS

DIERO vS , av, ovn , fresh, active, nimble, of men, Od.; dierw`/ podiv with nimble foot, Ib.

II. after Hom. = liquidus, wet, liquid, Aesch .; of birds, which float through the air, Ar. ; d. mevlea of the nightingales notes, Lat. liquidae voces , Id.; d. pwvgwn of one drowned in the sea, Anth. (The sense of liquid is not in Hom. : his usage seems to connect it with div-w , to run, flee.)


di-evrpw , f. -erpuvsw »uØ1/4 , to creep or pass through, pu`r d ., of the ordeal of fire, Soph.


di-evrrwga , pf. intr. of diarrhvgnumi .


di-eruvkw »u<Eth>1/4 , to keep off, to hinder, Plut.


di-evrcomai , f. dieleuvsomai (but diveimi is Att. f ., and dihv/ein impf .), aor. 2 dih`lqon : Dep. :— to go through, pass through, absol. or c. gen ., Il., Soph. :— c. acc ., also, Il., Thuc. , etc.

2. to pass through, complete, Hdt ., Plat. , etc.
3. of reports, bavxi" dih`lqÆ jAcaiouv" Soph .; absol. , lovgo" dih`lqe went abroad, spread, Thuc ., Xen.
4. of pain, to shoot through one, Soph. ; of passion, Id.; ejme; dih`lqev ti a thought shot through me, Eur.

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