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di-iknevomai , f. -ivxomai , aor. 2 -ikovmhn : Dep. :— to go through, penetrate, Plut .:— to reach, with missiles, Thuc.

2. in speaking, to go through, recount, Il.


Divi>o" , on , ( Div" = Zeuv" ) of Zeus, Plat.


DiØi<Eth>-pethv" , ev" , ( piv-ptw ) fallen from Zeus, i.e. from heaven, of streams, fed or swollen by rain, Hom.

2. generally, divine, bright, pure, Eur.


Dii>-pethv" , ev" , ( pevtomai ) hovering in air, h. Hom.


di-i>stevon , verb. Adj. of divoida , one must learn, Eur.


di-i?sthmi , f. -sthvsw , to set apart, to place separately, separate, Thuc ., Dem.

2. to set one at variance with another, tinav tino" Ar ., Thuc. ; d. th;n\Ellavda to divide it into fractions, Hdt.

II. Med. and Pass. , with aor. 2, pf. , and plqpf. act ., to stand apart, to be divided, Il.; qavlassa dii?stato the sea made way, opened, Ib.; ta; diestew`ta chasms, Hdt.

2. of persons, to stand apart, be at variance, Il., Thuc. ; dievsth ej" xummacivan eJkatevrwn sided with one or the other party, Id.:—simply to differ, be different, Xen.

3. to part after fighting, Hdt.
4. to stand at certain distances or intervals, Id.; of soldiers, d. kata; diakosivou" Thuc.
III. aor. I med. is trans. to separate, Plat ., Theocr.


di-i>scu<Eth>rivzomai , f. Att. -iou`mai , Dep. to lean upon, rely on, tini Aeschin.

II. to affirm confidently, ti Plat .; d. ti ei\nai Id.


di-itevon , verbal of diveimi , one must go through, Plat.


Dii>-trefhv" , ev" , later form of Diotrefhv" , Ar.


diØkavzw , f. sw , Ion. dikw` : aor. I ejdivkasa Ep. divkasa, divkassa :— Pass. , f. dikasqhvsomai and dedikavsomai : aor. I ejdikavsqhn : pf. dedivkasmai : ( divkh ):

I. to judge, to give judgment on a thing, decide or determine a point, Il., etc.
2. c. acc. cogn ., divka" d ., to adjudge a penalty, Hdt. ; d. fughvn tini to decree it as his punishment, Aesch. ; d. fovnon matrov" to ordain her slaughter, Eur. ; d. tou` ejgklhvmato" [ sc. divkhn1/4 Xen .: —Pass. to

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