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di<Eth>neuvw , Ion. impf. dineuveskon : f. euvsw :—also di<Eth>nevw , impf. ejdivneon , Ep. divneon : f. hvsw : aor. I ejdivnhsa :— Pass. , aor. I ejdinhvqhn : pf. dedivnhmai : ( divnh ):— to whirl or twirl round, or spin round, Hom .: to drive round a circle, Il.:— Pass. to whirl or roll about, Hom .: of a river, to eddy, Eur .: to whirl round in the dance, Xen.

2. Pass ., also, to roam about, Lat. versari , Od.
II. intr. in Act. , just like Pass. to whirl about, of dancers or tumblers, Il.; of a pigeon circling in its flight,

Ib.; generally, to roam about, Hom .; dineuvein blefavroi" to look wildly about, Eur.

divnh, DI vNH

DI vNH »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , a whirlpool, eddy, Lat. vortex , Il., etc.

2. a whirlwind, Ar.
3. generally, a whirling, rotation, Id., Plat. : metaph. , ajnavgkh" divnai Aesch. Hence dinhvei"


di<Eth>nhvei" , Dor. -avei" , essa, en , whirling, eddying, Hom.

II. rounded, Mosch.


di<Eth>nhtov" , hv, ovn , ( dinevw ) whirled round, Anth.

di`no", D `INOS

D `INOS , oJ , a whirling, rotation, Ar.

II. around area, where oxen trod out the corn, a threshing-floor, Xen.
III. a large round goblet, Ar.


divnw , only in pres. to thresh out on the di`no" ( II ), Hes.


di<Eth>n-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) eddying; ta; dinwvdh eddies, Plut.


di<Eth>nwtov" , hv, ovn , (as if from dinovw ) turned, rounded, Hom .; nwvropi calkw`/ dinwthvn [ sc. ajspivda1/4 covered all round with brazen plates, Il.


diov , Conjunct. , for diÆ o{ , wherefore, on which account, Lat. quapropter, quocirca, quare , Thuc ., Plat. , etc.


Diov-bolo" , on , ( bavllw ) hurled by Zeus, Soph ., Eur.


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