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di-ovllumi or -uvw : f. -olevsw , Att. -olw` :— to destroy utterly, bring to naught, Soph ., Plat. , etc. :— Pass. , with fut. -olou`mai , pf. -ovlwla , to perish utterly, come to naught, Trag ., Thuc.

II. to blot out of ones mind, forget, Soph.


di-oma±livzw , f. sw , to be always evenminded, Plut.


Diomei-alazwvn , oJ , a braggart of the deme Diomeia, Ar.


Diomhvdeio" , a, on , of or like Diomedes, hJ Diomhvdeia legomevnh ajnavgkh , i.e. absolute, fatal necessity, Plat.


Dio-mhvdh" ( mh`do" ) , eo", oJ , Jove-counselled; in Hom. as prop. n. Diomedes.


di-ovmnu<Eth>mi , f. -omovsw : aor. I -wvmosa : pf. -omwvmoka :— to swear solemnly, to declare on oath that. . , c. inf. fut ., Soph. :— Med. diovmnumai , f. -omou`mai , Id., Plat. , etc. ; diomnuvmeno" on oath, Dem.


di-omologevw , f. hvsw , to make an agreement, undertake, Xen .: —Pass. to be agreed on, Plat .: —Med. to agree mutually, to agree upon certain points, take as granted, concede, d. ti ei\nai Id.; periv tino" Id.


diomolovghsi" , ew", hJ , a convention, Polyb.


diomologhtevon , verb. Adj. one must concede, Plat.


diomologiva , hJ , = diomolovghsi" , Isaeus.


di`on , acc. of di`o" ; but

II. divon , Ep. impf. of divw .


di-onomavzw , f. sw , to distinguish by a name, Plat.

II. Pass. to be widely known, Isocr.


Dionuvsia »uØ1/4 , ( sc. iJerav ) , tav , the feast of Dionysus or Bacchus at Athens, of which there were four: viz.

1. ta; katÆ ajgrouv" or ta; mikrav , in Poseideon (December).

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