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dorov" , oJ , ( devrw ) a leathern bag or wallet, Od.


dorpevw , f. hvsw , ( dovrpon ) to take supper, Hom.


dorphstov" , oJ , supper-time, evening, Ar ., Xen.


dorpiva , hJ , the eve of a festival, Hdt.


dovrpon , tov , in Hom. the evening meal, whether called dinner or supper, Lat. coena : —later, generally, a meal, h. Hom. (Deriv. uncertain.)


dovrpo" , =foreg., Anth.


dovru , tov , gen. dovrato" :— Ep. decl., gen. douvrato" , dat. douvrati , pl. douvrata, douvrasi ; also dourov", douriv , dual dou`re , pl. dou`ra, douvrwn, douvressi :—in Att. Poets, gen. dorov" , dat. doriv or dovrei , pl. nom. dovrh : (from same Root as dru`" ):

I. a stem, tree, Od.:—commonly a plank or beam, Hom .; dovru nhvi>on a ships plank, Id.:—hence,
2. a ship is called dovru , like Lat. trabs , Aesch ., Eur.
II. the shaft of a spear, Il.: then, generally, a spear, pike, Hom ., etc. ; eij" dovru ajfiknei`sqai to come within a spears throw, Xen. ; ejpi; dovru to the spear-side, i.e. the right hand, opp. to ejpÆ ajspivda , Id.:—also, the pole of a standard, Id.

2. metaph ., douri; kteativzein to win wealth by the spear, il.; dori; eJlei`n Thuc .; in Trag. to express an armed force.


doru-drevpa±non , tov , a kind of halbert, Plat.


doruØ-qarshv" , ev" , ( qavrso" ) = dorivtolmo" , Anth.


doruv-krano", doruv-kthto", doruv-palto", doru-sqenhv" , less correct forms for dori- .


doruv-xeno" , oJ, hJ , a spear-friend, i.e., properly, one who having been captive to ones spear becomes ones friend; then generally, a firm friend, Aesch ., Soph. : as Adj. , dovmoi doruvxenoi Aesch .; eJstiva Soph.

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