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metaph. , druovcou" tiqevnai dravmato" to lay the keel of a new play, Ar. ; ejk druovcwn from the beginning, Plat.

II. = drumav , woods, Anth .; so heterog. pl. druvoca Eur.


druvoy , opo", oJ , a kind of woodpecker, Ar.


druvppa<Eth> , hJ , Lat. druppa , an over-ripe olive, Anth.


druvptw (Root DRUF ): f. druvyw : aor. I e[druya , Ep. druvya :— Pass. , aor. I ejdruvfqhn Babr .:— to tear, strip, Il.:— Med. , druyamevnw pareiav" tearing each others cheeks, Od.; in sign of mourning, druvptesqai pareiavn to tear ones cheek, Eur.

dru`", DR `US

DR `US , hJ , gen. druØov" , acc. dru`n : pl. , nom. and acc. dru`" or druve", druva" ; gen. druw`n :—originally a tree (which indeed comes from the same Root), commonly the oak, Lat. quercus , Hom ., etc. ; sacred to Zeus, who gave his oracles from the oaks of Dodona, Od.;—hence, aiJ proshvgoroi druve" Aesch .:—proverb., ouj ga;r ajpo; druov" ejssi oujdÆ ajpo; pevtrh" thou art no foundling from tree or rock, i.e. thou hast parents and a country, Od.; ouj nu`n ejstin ajpo; druo;" oujdÆ ajpo; pevtrh" ojarivzein ‘tis no time now to talk at ease from tree or rock, Il.

II. of other trees, piveira dru`" the resinous wood (of the pine), Soph. ; of the olive, Eur.
III. metaph. a wornout old man, Anth.


druØ-tovmo" , oJ , ( tevmnw ) a wood-cutter, Il.


druv-fakto" , oJ , for druv-frakto" , ( dru`", fravssw ) a fence or railing, serving as the bar of the law-courts or councilchamber, Ar. ; in pl. , like Lat. cancelli , Id.


druvya , Ep. for e[druya , aor. I of druvptw .


druvyia , tav , ( druvptw ) parings, Anth.


drwvoimi , Ep. for drw`/mi , opt. of dravw .


drwpa±kivzw , f. sw , to get rid of hair by pitch-plasters, Luc. From drw`pax


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