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devhsi" , ew", hJ , ( devomai ) an entreating, asking: a prayer, entreaty, Dem ., N.T.


dehtikov" , hv, ovn , ( devomai ) suppliant, Plut.


dei` : subj. devh/ , contr. dh`/ ; opt. devoi ; inf. dei`n ; part. devon , contr. dei`n : impf. e[dei , Ion. e[dee : f. dehvsei : aor.

I ejdevhse :— impers. (from devw A, to bind):

I. c. acc. pers. et inf. , dei` tina; poih`sai it is binding on one to do a thing, one must, one ought, Lat. oportet , Hom ., etc. :—rarely, dei` se o{pw" deivxei" = dei` se dei`xai , Soph. :—rarely also c. dat. pers. et inf. , there is need for one to do, dei` tini; poihvsai Eur ., Xen.

2. c. acc. rei et inf. , dei` ti genevsqai Thuc ., etc. :—for the phrase oi[omai dei`n , v. oi[omai :—when used absol. , an inf. may be supplied, mh; pei`qÆ a} mh; dei` ( sc. peivqein ) Soph. , etc.

II. (from devw B, to want), c. gen. rei, there is need of, there is wanting, Lat. opus est re , oujde;n dei` tinov" Hdt ., Att. :—phrases, pollou` dei` there wants much, far from it; ojlivgou dei` there wants little, all but: —in answers, pollou` ge dei`, pollou` ge kai; dei` far from it, Ar. , Dem. ; pleu`no" dei` it is still further from it, Hdt:— ojlivgou dei`n absol ., in same sense, Plat. ; mikrou` dei`n Dem.

2. with a dat. pers. added, dei` moiv tino" , Lat. opus est mihi re , Aesch ., Thuc. , etc.
3. with acc. pers. added, dei` se promhqevw" Aesch.
III. neut. part. devon , contr. dei`n , absol. , like ejxovn, parovn , it being needful, quum oporteret , Plat .; oujk ajphvnta, devon , he did not appear in court, though he ought to have done so, Dem .; so, oujde;n devon there being no need, Hdt.

2. for devon , tov , as Subst. , v. sub voce.


dei`gma , ato", tov , ( deivknumi ) a sample, pattern, proof, specimen, Lat. documentum , Eur ., Ar. , etc. ; deivgmato" e{neka by way of sample, Dem.

2. a place in the Peiraeeus, where merchants set out their wares for sale, a bazaar, Xen ., Dem.


deigmativzw , f. sw , ( dei`gma ) to make a show of, N.T.


deivdekto , 3 sing. plqpf. of deivknumi ( signf. II ):— deidevca±tai, deidevca±to , Ep. 3 pl. pf. and plqpf.


deidhvmwn , on , gen. ono" , ( deivdw ) fearful, cowardly, Il.


deivdia , Ep. for devdia , pf. of deivdw : 1 pl. deivdimen : Ep. inf. deidivmen , (with diff. accent).


deidivskomai , Dep. , only in pres. and impf. , ( deivknumi II ) to meet with outstretched hand, to greet,

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