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delto-gravfo" »a±1/4, on , ( gravfw ) writing on a tablet, recording, Aesch.


devlto" , hJ , a writing-tablet, from the letter D (the old shape of tablets), Hdt. , Trag. : metaph. , devltoi" frenw`n on the tablets of the heart, Aesch.


delfa±kovomai , Pass. to grow up to pighood, Ar. From devlfax


devlfax , a±ko", hJ , a young pig, porker, Hdt ., etc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


delfivn , i`no", oJ , later form of delfiv" , Mosch.


Delfivnion »fi<Eth>1/4, tov , a temple of Apollo at Athens, to; ejpi; Delfinivw/ dikasthvrion the law-court there, Plut.


devlfix , iØko", oJ , a tripod, Plut. (Perh. from Delfoiv .)


delfiv" , i`no", oJ , the dolphin, Hom ., etc.

II. a mass of lead, prob. shaped like a dolphin, hung at the yard-arm, and suddenly let down on the decks of the enemys ships, Ar. :—hence, kerai`ai delfino-fovroi beams with pulleys to let down the delfiv" , Thuc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


Delfoiv , w`n, oiJ , Delphi, a famous oracle of Apollo in Phocis at the foot of Parnassus (called Pytho by Hom. and Hdt. ), h. Hom. , Soph.

II. the Delphians, Hdt .: in sing. Delfov" , king of Delphi, Aesch. :— Adj. Delfikov" , hv, ovn , Delphic, Id.; fem. Delfiv" , Soph.


delfuv" , uvo", hJ , the womb, Arist. (Deriv. uncertain: hence aj-delfov" .)


devma" , tov , ( devmw ) the frame of man, the body, Hom .; rarely of other animals, Od.; properly the living body. Hom. uses it only in acc. sing ., absol. , mikro;" devma" small in stature; a[risto" devma", devma" ajqanavtoisi e[oike , etc.

2. in Trag. as a periphrasis, like kavra, ktanei`n mhtrw`/on d . Aesch. ; JHravkleion d . Eur. ; Damatro;" ajkta`" d ., i.e. bread, Id.

II. as Adv. , devma" puro;" aijqomevnoio in form or fashion like burning fire, Lat. instar ignis , Il.

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