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dendro-phvmwn , on , ( ph`ma ) blasting trees, Aesch.


devndro" , eo", tov , v. devndron .


dendrotomevw , f. hvsw = dendrokopevw , to lay waste a country, Thuc .: metaph. , d. ta; nw`ta Ar.


dendro-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) bearing trees; Sup. -wvtato" , Plut.


dendrov-fuØto" , on , planted with trees, Plut.


dendr-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) tree-like: dendr. Nuvmfai woodnymphs, Anth.


dendrw`ti" , ido" , fem. Adj. wooded, Eur.


dennavzw , f. avsw , to abuse, revile, tinav Theogn ., Soph. ; c. acc. cogn. , kaka; rJhvmata dennavzein to utter

words of foul reproach, Id. From devnno"

devnno", DE vNNOS

DE vNNOS , oJ , a reproach, disgrace, Hdt.


devxai , aor. I imper. of devcomai .


dexamenhv , hJ , ( aor. I part. fem. of devcomai , with changed accent) a reservoir, tank, cistern, Hdt ., Plat.


dexiav , Ion. -ihv , ( fem. of dexiov" ) , hJ , the right hand, opp. to ajristevra , Il.; ejk dexia`" on the right, Ar .; ejn dexia`/ e[cein ta; ou[rea to keep them on the right, as you go, Hdt. ; ejn d. labei`n th;n Sikelivan Id.; so, ejn d. ejsplevonti on your right as you sail in, Id.; used in welcoming, dexia;n didovnai to salute by offering the right hand, Ar.

2. the right hand given as a pledge or assurance, dexiai; h|/" ejpevpiqmen Il.; dexia;" dovnteskai; labovnte" having exchanged assurances, made a treaty, Xen. ; dexia;" para; basilevw" fevrein mhv . . to bring pledges that he would not. . , Id.—Though dexiav is manifestly fem. of dexiov" , it is always used as a Subst. without ceivr ; but d. ceivr occurs in Soph. , Eur. , Ar.

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