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despovsuno" , on and h, on , ( despovth" ) of or belonging to the master or lord, h. Hom. , Aesch. ; d. ajnavgkai arbitrary rule, Id.

II. Subst. = despovth" , Tyrtae.


despoteiva , hJ , ( despovth" ) the power of a master over slaves, or the relation of master to slaves, Arist.

2. absolute sway, despotism, Isocr.


despotevw , f. hvsw , = despovzw , c. gen ., Plat. :— Pass. to be despotically ruled, Aesch ., Eur.


de"-povth" , ou, oJ , voc. devspota± , a master, lord, the master of the house, Lat. herus, dominus , Aesch ., etc. ; properly in respect of slaves, so that the address of a slave to his master was w\ devspotÆ a[nax or w\nax devspota Ar.

2. of Oriental rulers, a despot, absolute ruler, whose subjects are slaves, Hdt. , Thuc. ; the pl. is used by Poets of single persons, like tuvrannoi , Aesch.

3. of the gods, Eur. , Xen.
II. generally, an owner, master, lord, kwvmou , Aesch. , Soph. (The latter part -povth" is prob. from same Root as povsi" , and Lat. pot-is, pot-ior : the syll. de"- is uncertain.)


despotikov" , hv, ovn , ( despovth" ) of or for a master, despotikai; sumforaiv misfortunes that befall ones master, Xen.

II. of persons, inclined to tyranny, despotic, Plat.


despovti" , hJ , = devspoina , acc. despovtin , Soph. , Eur. ; dat. despovtidi , Anth.


despotivsko" , oJ , Dim. of despovth" , Eur.


dethv , hJ , (properly fem. of detov" , sub. lampav" ) sticks bound up, a fagot, torch, Il., Ar.


deuhvsesqai , Ep. f. med. inf. of deuvw , to want


deu`ma , ato", tov , ( deuvw ) that which is wet, deuvmata krew`n boiled flesh, Pind.


deuvomai , Ep. for devomai ; v. deuvw B.

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