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aiJ deuvterai frontivde" second thoughts, Eur. ; proverb., to;n d. plou`n to try the next best way, Plat. 2. of Time, deutevrh/ hJmevrh/ on the next day, Hdt. : c. gen ., ejmei`o deuvtero" after my time, Il.; deutevrw/ e[tei> touvtwn in the year after this, Hdt. : in neut. as Adv. , deuvteron au\, deuvteron au\ti" secondly, next, afterwards, a second time, Hom ., Att. ; in Prose also deuvtera :—with Art., to; deuvteron Hdt. , Aesch. , etc. ; ta; deuvtera Thuc .; ejk deutevrou for the second time, N.T.

II. in point of Rank, second, d. metÆ ejkei`non Hdt .; c. gen ., deuvtero" oujdenov" second to none, Id.; hJgei`sqai deuvteron to think quite secondary, Soph.

2. the second of two, deutevrh aujthv herself with another, Hdt.
III. as Subst. , deuvtera, tav , = deuterei`a , the second prize or place, Il., Hdt.

deuvw, DEU vW

DEU vW (A): impf. e[deuon , Ep. deu`on , Ion. deuveskon : f. deuvsw : aor. I e[deusa :— Pass. , aor. I ejdeuvqhn : pf. devdeumai :— to wet, drench, Il.:— Med. , ptera; deuvetai a{lmh/ wets his wings in the brine, Od.

2. to mix a dry mass with liquid, so as to make it fit to knead, d. a[rton u{dati Xen.
II. Causal, to make to flow, shed, ai|ma Soph.


deuvw (B), f. deuhvsw , Aeol. and Ep. for devw , to miss, want, ejdeuvhsen iJkevsqai he missed, failed in reaching, Od.

II. as Dep. deuvomai , f. deuhvsomai , = Att. devomai , to feel the want or loss of, be without a thing, c. gen. , Il.: to stand in need of, bavktrou Eur.

2. to be wanting, deficient in a thing, c. gen ., Il.: absol. deuovmeno" , in need, Ib.
3. c. gen. pers. to be inferior to, Hom.

devfw, DE vFW

DE vFW , f. yw , to soften by working with the hand, Ar.


devcatai , Ep. 3 pl. aor. 2 of devcomai .


dec-hvmero" , on , ( hJmevra ) for ten days, lasting ten days, ejkeceiriva dec . a truce terminable on giving ten days‘ notice, Thuc .; spondai; dec . Id.


devcqai , Ep. aor. 2 inf. of devcomai .


devcnumai , poët. for devcomai , Anth.

devcomai, DE vCOMAI

DE vCOMAI , Ion. and Aeol. devkomai : f. devxomai , Ep. dedevxomai : aor. I ejdexavmhn and ejdevcqhn : pf. devdegmai , Ep. 3 pl. deidevcatai , plqpf. -ato : plqpf. ejdedevgmhn :—there are also several forms of an Ep. aor. 2 ejdevgmhn , viz. 3 sing. e[dekto or devkto , 3 pl. devcatai , imperat. devxo , inf. devcqai , part. devgmeno" :

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