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I. of things as the object, to take, accept, receive what is offered, Lat. accipere , Hom ., etc. :— d. tiv tini to receive something at the hand of another, Il.; also tiv tino" Ib.; ti parav tino" Hom .; ti e[k tino" Soph. :—but also, d. tiv tino" to receive in exchange for. . , cruso;n fivlou ajndro;" ejdevxato Od.:—also, ma`llon d ., c. inf ., to take rather, to choose to do or be, Xen. ; and without ma`llon, oujdei;"
a]n devxaito feuvgein
2. to accept graciously, Il.; d. to;n oijwnovn to accept, hail the omen, Hdt. , etc. :— to accept or approve, tou;" lovgou", th;n xummacivhn Id., Thuc.

3. simply to give ear to, hear, Lat. accipere , Eur ., Thuc.
4. to take or regard as so and so, mhde; sumfora;n devcou to;n a[ndra Soph.
II. of persons, to receive hospitably, entertain, Hom ., Att.
2. to greet, worship, Il.; d. tina xuvmmacon to accept as an ally, Thuc.
3. to receive as an enemy, to await the attack of, Lat. excipere , Il.; of a hunter waiting for game or a wild boar waiting for the hunters, Ib.; tou;" polemivou" d . Hdt. , etc.

4. to expect, c. acc. et inf. fut ., Od.: or c. acc. to wait for, Ib.; mhde; sumfora;n devcou to;n a[ndra do not expect him to be. . , Soph.

III. absol. to succeed, come next, devcetai kako;n ejk kakou` Il.; a[llo" dÆ ejx a[llou devcetai a\qlo" Hes. ; of places, jArtemivsion devketai Hdt.


devyw , aor. I ejdevyhsa , as if from deyevw , ( devfw ) to work or knead a thing till it is soft, khro;n deyhvsa" Od.; devyei to; devrma Hdt.

devw, DE vW, devw

DE vW (A), imper. 3 pl. deovntwn : f. dhvsw : aor. I e[dhsa , Ep. dh`sa : pf. devdeka or devdhka :— Med. , aor. I ejdhsavmhn , Ep. 3 sing. dhsavsketo :— Pass. , f. deqhvsomai , and dedhvsomai : aor. I ejdevqhn : pf. devdemai : plqpf. ejdedevmhn , Ep. 3 sing. devdeto , Ion. 3 pl. ejdedevato :— to bind, tie, fetter, desmw`/ tina dh`sai Il., etc. :— c. acc. only, to bind, put in bonds, Od., Att.

2. metaph. to bind, enchain, glw`ssa dev oiJ devdetai Theogn .; yuca; devdetai luvph/ Eur.
3. c. gen. to let or stop one from a thing, e[dhse keleuvqou Od.
II. Med. to bind, tie, put on oneself ( cf. uJpodevw ), possi; dÆ uJpai; ejdhvsato pevdila tied them on his feet, Il.; and in Pass. , peri; knhvmh/si knhmi`da" devdeto he had greaves bound round his legs, Od.

devw, DE vW

DE vW (B), f. dehvsw : aor. I ejdevhsa , Ep. e[dhsa or dh`sa : pf. dedevhka :— Med. , f. dehvsomai and dehqhvsomai : aor. I ejdehvqhn : pf. dedevhmai :— to lack, miss, stand in need of a person or thing, c. gen ., Il., Xen. :— pollou` devw I want much, i.e. am far from, c. inf ., pollou` devw ajpologei`sqai I am far from defending myself, Plat. ; mikrou` e[deon ei\nai Xen .; and absol. , pollou` ge devw far from it, Plat. ; tou` panto;" devw Aesch .; v. dei` II :—so in partic., duoi`n devonta tesseravkonta forty lacking two, thirty-eight, Hdt. ; eJno;" devon eijkosto;n e[to" the 20th year save one, the 19th, Thuc.

II. as Dep. devomai : f. dehvsomai : aor. I ejdehvqhn :
1. to be in want or need, kavrta deovmeno" Hdt .:— to stand in need of a person or thing, c. gen ., Id., Soph. ; oujde;n devomaiv tino" I have no need of him, Thuc. : c. inf ., tou`to e[ti devomai maqei`n Plat.

2. to ask for a thing from a person, c. dupl. gen. rei et pers., Hdt. , Thuc. ; also, tou`to devomai uJmw`n Plat. ; and c. acc. cogn. , devhma or devhsin dei`sqaiv tino" Ar ., etc. , rarely with gen. pers. only, dehqei;" uJmw`n having begged a favour of you, Dem. :— c. gen. pers. et inf. to beg a person to do, Hdt ., Plat. (The

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