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dh`lo" , h, on and o", on : Ep. develo" :

I. properly, visible, conspicuous, Il.
II. clear to the mind, manifest, evident, Od.:— dh`lov" eijmi with partic., dh`lov" ejstin ajlgeinw`" fevrwn i.e. it is clear that he takes it ill, Soph. ; dh`loiv eijsi mh; ejpitrevyonte" it is clear that they will not permit, Thuc. ; also, acc. to our idiom, dh`lovn »ejstin1/4 o{ti . . , v. dhlonovti .

3. dh`lon itself is used like dhladhv , as aujto;" pro;" auJtou` : dh`lon , all by himself, ‘tis manifest, Soph. :—also, dh`lon dev to introduce a proof, Thuc. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence dhlovw


dhlovw , f. wvsw :— Pass. , f. dhlwqhvsomai and in med. form dhlwvsomai :— to make visible or manifest, to shew, exhibit, Soph .: —Pass. to be or become manifest, Id.

2. to make known, disclose, reveal, Aesch ., Soph.
3. to prove, Id., Thuc.
4. to declare, explain, set forth, indicate, signify, Id.; c. part ., dhlwvsw se kakovn »o[nta1/4 Soph .; the partic., if it refers to the nom. of the Verb, is itself in nom. , dhlwvsei gegenhmevno" Thuc.

II. intr. to be clear or plain, Hdt ., Plat.
2. impers ., dhloi` = dh`lovn ejsti , Hdt. ; f. dhlwvsei Plat .; aor. I ejdhvlwse Xen. Hence dhvlwsi"


dhvlwsi" , ew", hJ , a pointing out, manifestation, explaining, shewing, Thuc .; d. poiei`sqai = dhlou`n , Thuc.


dhma±gwgevw , f. hvsw , to lead the people, in bad sense, Ar.

2. c. acc. pers. to win by popular arts, Xen.


dhma±gwgiva , hJ , leadership of the people, Ar .; and dhmagwgikov"


dhma±gwgikov" , hv, ovn , fit for or like a demagogue, Ar. From dhmagwgov"


dhm-a±gwgov" , oJ , a popular leader, of Pericles, Isocr. : commonly in bad sense, a leader of the mob, a demagogue, such as Cleon, Thuc. , Xen.


dhma<Eth>kivdion »kiØ1/4, tov , Comic Dim. of dh`mo" , Ar.


dhm-avra<Eth>to" , on , ( ajravomai ) prayed for by the people: as prop. n. of a king of Sparta, Hdt.


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