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dhmarcevw , f. hvsw , to be demarch, Dem.


dhmarciva , hJ , the office or rank of dhvmarco" , Dem. : the tribunate, Plut.


dhmarcikov" , hv, ovn , tribunician, Plut. From dhvmarco"


dhvm-arco" , oJ , a governor of the people:

1. at Athens, a demarch, the president of a dh`mo" , who managed its affairs, Ar. , Dem.
2. at Rome, a tribune of the plebs, Plut.


dhm-erasthv" , ou`, oJ , a friend of the people, Plat.


dhvmeusi" , ew", hJ , confiscation of ones property, Plat.


dhmeuvw , f. sw , ( dh`mo" ) to declare public property, to confiscate, Lat. publicare , Thuc ., etc.

II. generally, to make public, dedhvmeutai kravto" the power is in the hands of the people, Eur.


dhmhgorevw , f. hvsw , ( dhmhgovro" ) to speak in the assembly, Lat. concionari , Ar ., etc. : Pass. , ta; dedhmhgorhmevna public speeches, Dem.

II. to make popular speeches, to speak rhetorically, use clap-trap, Plat ., etc.


dhmhgoriva , hJ , a speech in the public assembly, Aeschin.

II. popular oratory, clap-trap, Plat.


dhmhgorikov" , hv, ovn , of or for public speaking, qualified for it, Xen .: hJ -khv ( sc. tevcnh ), = dhmhgoriva , Plat. From dhmhgovro"


dhm-hgovro" , oJ , ( ajgoreuvw ) a popular orator, mostly in a bad sense, Plat. :— timai; d . a speakers honours, Eur.


Dhmhvthr , gen. tero" and tro", hJ , Demeter, Lat. Ceres , goddess of agriculture, mother of Persephoné, Hom. (The Deriv. from dh` = gh` , quasi Gh-mhvthr is improbable, v. da` .)


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