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dh`se , Ep. aor. I of devw (A).

II. for ejdevhse , aor. I of devw (B).


dh`ta , Adv. , more emphatic form of dhv , certainly, to be sure, of course:

1. in answers, added to a word which echoes the question, i[sasin ; do they know? Answ. i[sasi dh`ta aye they know, Eur. ; often with a negat. , ouj dh`tÆ e[gwge faith not I, Ar.

2. in questions, mostly to mark an inference or consequence, tiv dh`ta ; what then? pw`" dh`ta ; a\ra dh`ta , etc. Trag .:—sometimes it expresses indignation, kai; dh`tÆ ejtovlma" ; and so thou hast dared? Soph. ; tau`ta dh`tÆ ajnascetav ; Id.; ironical, tw`/ sw`/ dikaivw/ dh`tÆ ; your principle of justice forsooth, Id.

3. in prayers or wishes, ajpovloio dh`ta now a murrain take thee! Ar. ; skovpei dh`ta only look, Plat. , etc.


dhcqeiv" , aor. I pass. part. of davknw .


dhvw , to find, meet with, in pres. with fut. sense, Hom. (Prob. akin to * davw .)


Dhwv , ovo" , contr. ou`", hJ , = Dhmhvthr , Demeter, h. Hom. , Soph. , etc. :— Adj. Dhw`/o" , a, on , sacred to her, Anth.


dh/wvsa", dh/wqeiv" , aor. I act. and pass. part. of dhi?ow .


Div , poët. for Dii? , dat. of Zeuv" :— Diva , acc.

diav, DI vA, diav

DI vA , poët. diaiv , Pre. governing gen. and acc. —Radic. sense, through.

I. of Place or Space:
1. of motion in a line, through, right through, dia; me;n ajspivdo" h\lqe e[gco" Il.; diÆ hjevro" aijqevrÆ i{kanen quite through the lower air even to the ether, Ib.; dia; pavntwn ejlqei`n to go through all in succession, Xen.

2. of motion through a space, but not in a line, all through, over, dia; pedivoio Il.; diÆ a[steo" Od.
3. of Intervals of Space, dia; devka ejpavlxewn at every 10th battlement, Thuc. ; dia; pevnte stadivwn at a distance of 5 stades, Hdt.

II. of Time:
1. throughout, during, dia; panto;" tou` crovnou Hdt .; diÆ hJmevrh" all day long, Id.; dia; pantov" continually, Aesch .; diÆ ojlivgou for a short time, Thuc.

2. of the interval between two points of Time, dia; crovnou pollou` or dia; pollou` cr . after a long time, Hdt. ; dia; crovnou after a time, Soph. ; crovno" dia; crovnou time after time, Id.

3. of successive Intervals, dia; trivth" hJmevrh" every other day, Hdt. ; diÆ ejniautou` every year, Xen.

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