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II. a resolving, deciding, d. poiei`sqai to decide a matter, Thuc. ; d. periv tino" Dem.


diagnwstevon , verb. Adj. of diagignwvskw , one must distinguish, Luc.


diagnwstikov" , hv, ovn , ( diagignwvskw ) able to distinguish, Luc.


dia-gogguvzw , to murmur among themselves, N.T.


di-a±goreuvw , f. sw , to speak plainly, declare, Hdt.

II. to speak of, kakw`" d. tinav Luc.


diavgramma , ato", tov , ( diagravfw ) that which is marked out by lines, a figure, plan, Plat.

2. a geometrical figure, diagram, Xen ., Plat.
II. a written list, register, Dem.
III. a decree, edict, Plut.


diagra±fhv , hJ , a marking off by lines, Plat .: a geometrical figure, diagram, outline, Plut. From diagravfw


dia-gravfw , f. yw , to mark out by lines, delineate, Plat.

II. to draw a line through, cross out, strike off the list, Id.; d. divkhn to strike a cause out of the list, cancel, quash it, Ar.


di-agriaivnw , strengthd. for ajgriaivnw , Plut.


di-agrupnevw , f. hvsw , to lie awake, Ar.


di-avgcw , f. -avgxw , strengthd. for a[gcw , Luc.


di-avgw , f. -avxw , to carry over or across, Od., Thuc. , etc.

II. of Time, to go through, pass, spend, bivoton, bivon Aesch ., etc.
2. intr. (without bivon ) to pass life, live, like Lat. degere , Hdt ., etc. :— to delay, put off time, Thuc .:— to continue, Xen .: c. part. to continue doing so and so, d. manqavnwn Id.; also with Adv. , a[rista Id.

III. to make to continue or keep in a certain state, povlin ojrqodivkaion d . Aesch. ; dih`gen uJma`" Dem.

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