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i.e. to speak next, Plat .; so diadevcesqai alone, Hdt.
II. diadevcesqaiv tini to succeed one, Xen.
2. absol. to relieve one another, toi`" i{ppoi" with fresh horses, Id.:— part. pf. pass. diadedegmevno", h, on , in succession, in turns, Soph .; so, diadexavmeno" Hdt.


dia-devw , f. -dhvsw , to bind round, to; ploi`on Hdt .: —Pass ., diadedemevno" fast-bound, Plat.


dia-dhlevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to do great harm to, tear to pieces, Od., Theocr.


diav-dhlo" , on , distinguishable among others, Thuc.


dia-dhlovw , f. wvsw , to make manifest, Plut.


diavdhma , ato", tov , ( diadevw ) a band or fillet: esp. the band round the tiavra of the Persian king, Xen.


diadhma±to-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) wearing a diadem, Plut.


dia-didravskw , f. -dravsomai : Ion. diadidrhvskw , -drhvsomai : aor. 2 -evdran : pf. -devdra<Eth>ka :— to run off, get away, escape, Hdt .; diadedrakovte" shirkers, Ar.

2. c. acc. to run away from, escape from, Hdt.


dia-divdwmi , f. -dwvsw : aor. 2 dievdwn :— to give from hand to hand, to pass on, hand over, Lat. tradere , lampavdia diadwvsousin ajllhvloi" Plat .: —Pass ., of reports, to be spread abroad, Xen.

2. to distribute, tiniv ti Id.
3. d. kovra" to cast ones eyes around, Eur.


dia-diØkavzw , f. avsw , to give judgment in a case, Plat .: c. acc. rei, to decide, Xen.

II. Med. to go to law, tini with another, Plat. ; diadikavsasqai ta; pro;" ejmev to have a matter settled by arbitration, Dem.

2. to submit oneself to trial, Plat ., Xen.


dia-diØkaiovw , f. wvsw , to hold a thing to be right, Thuc.


diadiØka±siva , hJ , ( diadikavzw ) a suit brought to decide who (of several persons) was entitled to any right

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