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dia-zavw , Ion. -zwvw , inf. diazh`n : f. hvsw :— to live through, pass, to;n bivon Eur .:—then, absol. , like Lat. degere , Ar ., Xen.

2. c. part ., like diabiovw , to live by doing so and so, poihfagevonte" dievzwon they supported life by eating grass, Hdt. ; also, d. ajpov tino" to live off or by a thing, Soph.


dia-zeuvgnuØmai , aor. I -ezeuvcqhn , Pass. to be disjoined, separated, parted, tino" from one, Aeschin. ; ajpov tino" Xen. Hence diavzeuxi"


diavzeuxi" , ew", hJ , a disjoining, parting, Plat.


diavzwma , ato", tov , a girdle, drawers, Lat. subligaculum , Thuc.

2. an isthmus, Plut. From diazwvnnumi


dia-zwvnnu<Eth>mi or -uvw , f. -zwvsw , to gird round the middle: Med. to gird oneself with, ejsqh`ta , Luc. :— Pass. , diezwsmevnoi wearing drawers, Thuc.

II. metaph. to engirdle, encompass, Plut.


dia-zwvw , Ion. for dia-zavw .


di-avhmi , impf. diavhn , to blow through trees, etc. , c. acc ., Od., Hes.


dia-qeavomai , f. avsomai »a<Eth>1/4 , Dep. to look through, examine, Plat ., Xen. :— verb. Adj. , diaqeatevon , Plat.


dia-qeiovw , f. wvsw , to fumigate thoroughly, Od.


dia-qermaivnw , f. anw` , to warm through, Plat ., etc. :— Pass. to be heated, by drinking, Dem.


diav-qermo" , on , heated through: of a hot temperament, Arist.


diavqesi" , ew", hJ , ( diativqhmi ) a disposition, arrangement, Plat. 2. the composition in a work of art, as opp. to eu{resi" , Id.
3. a disposition of property, = diaqhvkh , Id.
4. a disposing of, selling, sale, Plut.

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