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II. a mans disposition, Plat.


diaqevth" , ou, oJ , ( diativqhmi ) an arranger, Hdt.


dia-qevw , f. -qeuvsomai , to run about, Thuc ., etc. ; of reports, of panic fear, Xen.

II. to run a race, tiniv with or against another, Plat. :— c. acc. cogn. , d. th;n lampavda to run the torch-race, Plut.


diaqhvkh , hJ , ( diativqhmi ) a disposition of property by will, a will, testament, Ar ., Oratt.

II. an arrangement between two parties, covenant, Ar ., N.T.


dia-qoruØbevw , f. hvsw , to confound utterly, tina Thuc .: absol. to make a great noise, Plut.


di-aqrevw , f. hvsw , to look closely into, examine closely, Ar.


dia-qroevw , f. hvsw , to spread a report, give out, Thuc.


dia-qru<Eth>levw , f. hvsw , = diaqroevw :—mostly in Pass. to be commonly reported, dieteqruvlhto wJ" . . Xen.

II. to be talked deaf, diaqrulouvmeno" uJpov sou Id.


dia-qruvptw , f. yw :— Pass. , aor. 2 dietruvfhn »uØ1/4 :— to break in sunder, break in pieces, shiver, Luc .:— Pass. , tricqav te kai; tetracqa; diatrufe;n »to; xivfo"1/4 Il.; ajspivde" diateqrummevnai Xen.

II. metaph ., like Lat. frangere , to break down by profligate living and indulgence, to enervate, pamper, make weak and womanish, Plat ., Xen. :— Pass. to be enervated, pampered, Aesch ., Xen.

2. Med. to give oneself airs, of a prude, Theocr. ; of a singer, diaqruvptetai h[dh is beginning her airs, Id.


diaiv, diaiboliva , poët. for diav, diaboliva .


di-aiqriavzw , f. avsw , to become quite clear and fine, ejdovkei diaiqriavzein it seemed likely to be fine, Xen.


div-aiqro" , on , ( ai[qra ) quite clear and fine, Plut.

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