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div-aimo" , on , ( ai|ma ) blood-stained, Eur .; divaimon ajnaptuvein to spit blood, Plut.


diaivnw , f. dia±nw` : aor. I ejdivhna :— to wet, moisten, Il.:— Med. , diaivnesqai o[sse to wet ones eyes, Aesch. ; absol. to weep, Id.


diaivresi" , ew", hJ , ( diairevw ) a dividing, division, of money, Hdt. ; of spoil, Xen. ; ejn diairevsei »yhvfwn1/4 in the reckoning of the votes on either side, Aesch.


diairetevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of diairevw , to be divided, Plat.

II. diairetevon , one must divide, Id.


diairetikov" , hv, ovn , ( diairevw ) divisible, Plat.


diairetov" , hv, ovn , ( diairevw ) divided, separated, Xen .: distributed, Soph.

II. distinguishable, Thuc. From diaairevw


dia-airevw , f. hvsw : aor. 2 -ei`lon : aor. I pass. -h/revqhn :— to take one from another, to cleave in twain, to divide into parts, Il., Hdt. ; d. lagovn to cut it open, Id.; d. pulivda to break it open, Thuc .; d. th;n ojrofhvn to tear it away, Id.; d. tou` teivcou" to take down part of the wall, make a breach in it, Id.; to; dih/rhmevnon the breach, Id.

II. to divide, duvo moivra" Ludw`n the Lydians into two parts, Hdt. ; so, d. trich` Plat .; eij" duvo Dem. :— Med. to divide for themselves, nau`" Thuc .: but also to divide among themselves, Hes ., Hdt. :— Pass. , dih/rhmevnoi katÆ ajnapauvla" divided into relays, Thuc.

2. to divide into component parts, Plat.
III. to distinguish, Ar.
2. to determine, decide, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.
3. to say distinctly, to define, interpret, Hdt ., Att.


di-aivrw , f. -a±rw` , to raise up, lift up, to;n aujcevna Xen.

II. to separate, remove, Plut .: —Med ., diaravmeno" ( sc. ta; skevlh ) taking long strides, Theophr.
2. d. to; stovma to open ones mouth, Dem.


di-aisqavnomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to perceive distinctly, distinguish perfectly, ti Plat.


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