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make it null, frustrate it, Il.:— Pass. , skeuavria diakekarmevno" shorn of his trappings, Ar.


diakevleuma or -kevleusma , ato", tov , an exhortation, command, Plat. From diakeleuvomai


diakeleuvomai , Dep. to exhort, give orders, direct, d. tini poiei`n ti etc ., Hdt. , etc. ; also, d. tiniv ti ( sc. poiei`n ), Plat. ; d. tini alone, Id.

2. to encourage one another, Hdt .; d. ajllhvloi" Xen .; d. eJautw`/ Id. Hence diakeleusmov"


diakeleusmov" , oJ , an exhortation, cheering on, Thuc.


diakenh`" or dia; kenh`" , Adv. for dia; kenh`" pravxew" , in vain, idly, to no purpose, Eur ., Ar. From diavkeno"


diav-keno" , on , quite empty or hollow; to; d . the gap, vacuum, Thuc.

II. thin, lank, Plut ., Luc.


dia-kermativzw , f. iw` , to change into small coin, Ar.


dia-kevrsai , aor. I inf. of diakeivrw .


dia-khru<Eth>keuvomai , Dep. to negotiate by herald, prov" tina Thuc.


dia-khruvssw , f. xw , to proclaim by herald, ejn diakekhrugmevnoi" in declared war, Plut.

2. to sell by auction, Id.


dia-kindu<Eth>neuvw , f. sw , to run all risks, make a desperate attempt, hazard all, Thuc .; prov" tina Id.; uJpevr or prov" tino" Lysias, Xen. ; periv tino" Dem .: —Pass. of the attempt, to be risked, hazarded, Id.


dia-ki<Eth>nevw , f. hvsw , to move thoroughly: Pass. to be put in motion, Hdt.

2. to throw into disorder, confound, ta; pepragmevna Thuc.
II. to sift thoroughly, scrutinise, Ar.


dia-kivcrhmi , to lend to various persons: Pass. , diakecrhmevnon tavlanton Dem.

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