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dia<Eth>konevw , Ion. dihk- : impf. ejdiakovnoun , later dihkovnoun : f. -hvsw : aor. I dihkovnhsa : pf. dedihkovnhka :— Pass. , aor. I ejdiakonhvqhn : pf. dediakovnhmai : ( diavkono" ):— to minister, serve, do service, absol ., Eur. ; tini to a person, Dem. ; d. prov" ti to be serviceable towards, Plat. :— Med. to minister to ones own needs, Soph .; auJtw`/ diakonei`sqai Ar.

2. to be a deacon, N.T.
II. c. acc. rei, to furnish, supply, Lat. ministrare , tiv tini Hdt .: —Pass. to be supplied, Dem. Hence diakovnhma


dia<Eth>kovnhma , ato", tov , servants‘ business, service, Plat.


dia<Eth>koniva , hJ , the office of a diavkono" , service, Thuc ., Plat.

2. attendance on a duty, ministration, Dem .; hJ d. hJ kaqhmerinhv ministering to daily wants, N.T. ; hJ
d. tou` lovgou
the ministry of the word, Ib.


dia<Eth>konikov" , hv, ovn , serviceable, Ar ., etc. ; Comp. -wvtero" , Plat. From diavkono"


diavkono" »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. dihvkono" , oJ , a servant, waitingman, Lat. minister , Hdt ., etc. : a messenger, Aesch ., Soph. :—as fem. , Dem.

II. a minister of the church, a deacon, N.T .: as fem. a deaconess, Ib. (Akin to diavktoro" : both perh. from diwvkw .)


di-a±kontivzomai , Med. to contend with others at throwing the javelin, Xen.


diakophv , hJ , a gash, cleft, Plut .; from


dia-kovptw , f. yw , to cut in two, cut through, Thuc.

2. to break through the enemys line, th;n tavxin Xen .: then, to break through the line, Id.


diakorhv" , ev" , = diavkoro" , Plat.


dia-korkoruØgevw , to rumble through, th;n gastevra Ar.


diav-koro" , on , satiated, glutted, tinov" with a thing, Hdt.

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