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dia-leivpw , f. yw : aor. 2 -evliØpon :— to leave an interval between: Pass. , dielevleipto a gap had been left, Hdt.

2. of Time, dialipw;n hJmevrhn having left an interval of a day, Hdt. ; ajkarh` dialipwvn having waited

an instant, Ar. ; dialipwvn absol. after a time, Thuc.

II. intr. to stand at intervals, duvo plevqra ajpÆ ajllhvlwn d . Thuc.
2. c. part. to cease doing a thing, Xen.
3. of Time, dialipovntwn ejtw`n triw`n after an interval of three years, Thuc.


dia-leivcw , f. xw , to lick clean, Ar.


dialektevon , verb. Adj. of dialevgomai , one must discourse, Plat.


dialektikov" , hv, ovn , ( dialevgomai ) skilled in logical argument, Plat .:— hJ dialektikhv ( sc. tevcnh ) the art of discussion, dialectic, Id.: Adv. -kw`" , logically, Id.


diavlekto" , hJ , ( dialevgomai ) discourse: discussion, debate, arguing, Plat.

II. language: the language of a country, dialect: a local word or phrase, Plut.
III. a way of speaking, enunciation, Dem.


diavlexi" , ew", hJ , ( dialevgomai ) discourse, arguing, Ar.


dia-leptologevomai , ( lepto-lovgo" ) Dep. to discourse subtly, chop logic, tini with one, Ar.


dialhptevon , verb. Adj. of dialambavnw , one must distinguish, Plat.


dialla±ghv , hJ , ( diallavssw ) interchange, exchange, Eur.

II. a change from enmity to friendship, a reconciliation, truce, Hdt ., Ar. ; in pl. , Eur. ; diallagai; prov" tina Dem.


diavllagma , ato", tov , a substitute, changeling, Eur .; and diallakthvr


diallakthvr , oJ , a mediator, Hdt ., Aesch. ; and diallakthv"

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