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diallakthv" , ou`, oJ , = diallakthvr , Eur. , Thuc. From diallavssw


di-allavssw , Att. -ttw : f. xw : pf. di-hvlla±ca :— Pass. , f. di-allacqhvsomai and -alla±ghvsomai : aor. I -hllavcqhn and -hllavghn »a±1/4 : pf. -hvllagmai :

I. Med. to change one with another, interchange, Hdt .: absol. to make an exchange, Xen.
II. Act. to exchange, i.e.,
1. to give in exchange, tiv tini Eur .; ti ajntiv tino" Plat.
2. to take in exchange, Id.; d. th;n cwvran to change one land for another, i.e. to pass through a land, Xen.

3. simply, to change, tou;" nauavrcou" Id.
III. to change enmity for friendship, to reconcile one to another, tinav tini Thuc .; tina; prov" tina Ar. ; or c. acc. pl. only, Eur. , etc. : absol. to make friends, Plat .: —Pass. to be reconciled, to be made friends, Aesch. , etc.

IV. intr ., c. dat. pers. et acc. rei, to differ from one in a thing, diallavssein oujde;n toi`si eJtevroisi Hdt. : absol. , to; diallavsson the difference, Thuc.

V. Pass. to be different, Lat. distare , Id.


di-avllomai , aor. I -hlavmhn , Dep. to leap across, tavfron Xen.


dia-logivzomai , f. Att. iou`mai , Dep. to balance accounts, prov" tina Dem.

2. to take full account of, to stop to consider, Id.: to distinguish between, Aeschin.
II. to converse, debate, argue, periv tino" Xen. Hence dialogismov"


dialogismov" , oJ , a balancing of accounts, Dem.


diavlogo" , oJ , ( dialevgomai ) a conversation, dialogue, Plat.


dia-loidorevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to rail furiously at, tini Hdt .; dialoidorhqeiv" Dem.


dia-lu<Eth>maivnomai , Dep. to maltreat shamefully, undo utterly, Hdt ., Eur.

2. to cheat grossly, Ar.
3. to falsify, corrupt, Id.
II. no Act. occurs, but pf. part. dialelumasmevno" is used in pass. sense, Hdt. ; aor. I dielumavnqhn Eur.


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