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diavluØsi" »uØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( dialuvw ) a loosing one from another, separating, parting, th`" yuch`" kai; tou` swvmato" Plat; d. tou` swvmato" its dissolution, Id.; hJ d. th`" gefuvra" the breaking down the bridge, Thuc. : the disbanding, of troops, Xen. ; hJ d. th`" ajgora`" the time of its breaking up, Hdt .; th;n d. ejpoivhsanto broke off the action, Thuc. ; d. gavmou a divorce, Plut.

II. an ending, cessation, kakw`n Eur .; polevmou Thuc .: absol. a cessation of hostilities, peace, Dem.


dialuØtevon , verb. Adj. one must dissolve, filivan Arist.


dialuØthv" , ou`, oJ , a dissolver, breaker-up, Thuc .; and dialutov"


dialuØtov" , ovn , capable of dissolution, Plat. From dialuvw


dia-luvw , f. -luvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : pf. -levluØka : Pass. , aor. I -eluvqhn »uØ1/4 : pf. -levluØmai :— to loose one from another, to part asunder, undo, Hdt .: to dissolve an assembly, Id., Thuc. , etc. ; th;n skhnh;n eij" koivthn d
. to break up the party and go to bed, Xen. ; d. th;n stratiavn to disband it, Thuc. :— Pass. , of an assembly, to break up, Hdt ., etc. : of a man, to die, Xen.

2. to dissolve into its elements, to break up, Plat.
3. to put an end to friendship, break off a truce, Thuc. , etc. :—so in Med. , dialuvsasqai xeinivhn Hdt.
4. to put an end to enmity, Thuc. ; and in Med. , Dem. , etc.
b. c. acc. pers. to reconcile, tina; prov" tina Id.; ouj ga;r h\n oJ dialuvswn Thuc .: —Pass. and Med. , dialuvesqai neivkou" to be parted from quarrel, i.e. to be reconciled, Eur ., Xen. , etc.

5. generally, to put an end to, do away with, diabolhvn Thuc .; so in Med. , Id., etc.
6. to solve a difficulty, Plat.
7. d. timav" to pay the full value, discharge a debt, Hdt. , etc. : c. acc. pers. to pay him off, Dem.
II. absol. to slacken ones hold, undo, Theocr.


di-alfiØtovw , f. wvsw , ( a[lfiton ) to fill full of barley meal, Ar.


dialwbavomai , Dep. strengthd. for lwbavomai , Plut.


di-a±ma±quvnw , aor. I -hmavqu<Eth>na , to grind to powder, utterly destroy, Aesch.


dia-malavttw , f. xw , strengthd. for malavttw , Luc.


dia-manteuvomai , Dep. to determine by an oracle, ti Plat.

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