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dia-plevkw , f. xw , to interweave, to weave together, plait, Hdt.

II. metaph ., d. to;n bivon , Lat. pertexere vitam , to finish the web of ones life, Id.: then, simply, to pass life, live, Ar.


dia-plevw , f. -pleuvsomai :— to sail across, Thuc .; eij" Ai[ginan Ar .: metaph. , d. bivon to make lifes voyage, Plat.


dia-plhktivzomai , Dep. to spar with, skirmish with, tini Plut ., Luc.


dia-plhvssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to break or cleave in pieces, Il.


diav-ploo" , on , contr. -plou" , oun :

1. as Adj. sailing continually, diavploun kaqivstasan lewvn they kept them at the oar, Aesch.
II. as Subst. ,


diavplou" , oJ , a voyage across, passage, pro;" tovpon Thuc.

2. room for sailing through, passage, duoi`n neoi`n for two ships abreast, Id.


dia-pnevw , Ep. -pneivw , f. -pneuvsomai , to blow through: Pass. , au[rai" diapnei`sqai Xen.

II. to breathe between times, get breath, Plut.
III. intr. to disperse in vapour, Plat.


dia-poikivllw , f. -iØlw` , to variegate, adorn, Plut.


dia-polemevw , f. hvsw , to carry the war through, end the war, Lat. debellare , Hdt .; d. tini to fight it out

with one, Xen. :— Pass. , diapepolemhvsetai povlemo" the war will be at an end, Thuc.

II. to carry on the war, continue it, Id.
III. to spend some time at war, Plut. Hence diapolevmhsi"


diapolevmhsi" , ew", hJ , a finishing of the war, Thuc.


dia-poliØorkevw , f. hvsw , to besiege continually, to blockade, Thuc.

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