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dia-poli<Eth>teuvomai , Dep. to be a political rival, Aeschin.


dia-pompeuvw , f. sw , to carry the procession to an end, Luc.


diapomphv , hJ , ( diapevmpw ) a sending to and fro, interchange of messages, negotiation, Thuc.


dia-ponevw , f. hvsw , to work out with labour, Lat. elaboro , Plat ., etc. :— Med. to get worked out, Id., Xen. :— Pass. to be managed, governed, Aesch.

2. Pass. also, to be much grieved, N.T.
II. intr. to work hard, toil constantly, Xen ., Arist. ; oiJ diaponouvmenoi the hardworking, hardy, Xen. Hence diapovnhma


diapovnhma , ato", tov , hard labour, exercise, Plat.


diav-pono" , on , of persons, exercised, Plut .; ti Id.

II. of things, toilsome: Adv. -nw" , with toil, Id.


dia-povntio" , on , beyond sea, Lat. transmarinus , Aesch ., Thuc.


dia-poreuvw , f. sw , to carry over, set across, Xen.

II. Pass ., with f. med. and aor. I pass. dieporeuvqhn , to pass across, ej" Eu[boian Hdt .: c. acc. cogn. to go through, bivon Plat.


di-aporevw , f. hvsw , to be quite at a loss, Plat .:—so in Med. , with aor. and pf. pass ., Id.

II. to raise an ajporiva , start a difficulty, Arist .:—so in Med. , Plat. :— Pass. to be matter of doubt or question, Id., Arist.


dia-porqevw , f. hvsw , = diapevrqw , Il., Thuc. :— Pass. to be utterly ruined, Trag.


dia-porqmeuvw , f. sw , to carry over or across a river or strait, Hdt. : to carry a message from one to another, Id.

2. metaph. to translate, interpret, Plat.
II. d. potamovn , of ferry-boats, to ply across a river, Hdt.

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