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di-a±ravssw , f. xw , to strike through, Hes.


di-avrgemo" , on , fleckt with white, Babr.


di-arqrovw , f. wvsw , to divide by joints, to articulate, Plat .: —Pass ., pf. part. dihrqrwmevno" well-jointed, well-knit, Id.

2. to endue with articulate speech, Luc .; Med. , fwnh;n dihrqrwvsato invented articulate speech, Plat.

3. to complete in detail, Arist.


di-a±riqmevw , f. hvsw , to reckon up one by one, enumerate, Eur.

2. to draw distinctions, distinguish, Plat .: —Pass. to be distinguished, Aeschin.


di-arkevw , f. evsw , to have full strength, be quite sufficient, Xen ., etc. ; d. prov" tina to be a match for, Luc.

2. in point of Time, to hold out, endure, last, Aesch .; c. part ., d. poliorkouvmeno" Xen.
II. to supply nourishment, tiniv Plut. Hence diarkhv"


diarkhv" , ev" , quite sufficient, Thuc.

2. lasting, Dem .: —Adv. -kw`" , Sup. diarkevstata in complete competence, Xen.


di-armovzw or -ttw , f. sw , to distribute in various places, dispose, Eur.


di-arpavzw , f. avsomai , to tear in pieces, Il.: to efface, ta; i[cnh Xen.

II. to spoil, plunder, povlin Hdt.
2. to seize as plunder, crhvmata Id.


diar-raivnomai , Pass. to flow all ways, Soph.


diar-raivw , f. sw , to dash in pieces, destroy, Hom .: —Pass ., c. f. med ., to be destroyed, perish, Il.; diarraisqevnta" Aesch.


diar-revw , f. diar-reuvsomai : aor. 2 di-erruvnh : pf. dierruvhka :— to flow through, Hdt.

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