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dia-smi<Eth>leuvw , f. sw , to polish off with the chisel: metaph ., Anth.


dia-sofivzomai , f. -ivsomai , Dep. to quibble like a sophist, Ar.


dia-spa±qavw , f. hvsw , to squander away, Plut.


diaspa±raktov" , hv, ovn , torn to pieces, Eur. From diasparavssw


dia-spa±ravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to rend in sunder or in pieces, Aesch.


diavspasma , ato", tov , a gap, Plut. From diaspavw


dia-spavw , f. -spavsw , Att. -spavsomai : aor. I -evspa±sa :— Pass. , aor. I -espavsqhn , pf. -evspasmai :— to tear asunder, part forcibly, Lat. divellere , Hdt ., Eur. , etc. ; d. to; stauvrwma to tear down the palisade, Xen. :— Pass. , pf. part. diespasmevno" torn asunder, Hdt ., Dem.

2. in military sense, to separate part of an army from the rest, Xen. :— Pass. , stravteuma diespasmevnon scattered and in disorder, Thuc .;—of soldiers, also, to be distributed in quarters, Xen.

3. metaph. to distract, throw into disorder, Id.


dia-speivrw , f. -sperw` :— to scatter abroad, throw about, of money, Hdt. ; d. lovgon Xen .: to squander, Soph. :— Pass. to be scattered abroad, aor. 2 diespavrhn »a±1/4 , Id.; of soldiers, Thuc. Hence diasporav


diasporav , hJ , ( diaspeivrw ) dispersion; collectively, = oiJ diesparmevnoi , N.T.


dia-spoudavzw , f. sw , to do zealously: Pass. to be anxiously done or looked to, tiv mavlista diespouvdasto ; Dem. , who also uses diespouvdastai in act. sense.


diav/ssw , Att. diav/ttw , contr. for diai?ssw .


diastaqmavomai , Dep. to order by rule, regulate, Eur.


dia-sta±siavzw , to form into separate factions, Arist.

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