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kaqairetov" , hv, ovn , to be taken or achieved, Thuc. From kaqairevw


kaq-airevw , Ion. kat- : f. hvsw : f. 2 kaqelw` : aor. 2 kaqei`lon , inf. kaqelei`n :— Pass. , aor. I kaqh/revqhn : pf. -hv/rhmai :— to take down, kaqeivlomen iJstiva we lowered sail, Od.; k. a[cqo" to take a load down, i.e. off ones shoulders, Ar. :— Med. , katairei`sqai ta; tovxa to take down ones bow, Hdt.

2. to put down or close the eyes of the dead, Hom.
3. of sorcerers, to bring down, Lat. caelo deducere , selhvnhn Ar ., Plat.
4. katav me pevdon ga`" e{loi (in tmesi) may earth swallow me! Eur.
II. to put down by force, destroy, Od., Trag. : simply to kill, slay, Eur.
2. in a milder sense, to put down, reduce, Hdt ., Dem. , etc. : to depose, dethrone, Hdt .; k. to; lh/stikovn to remove it utterly, Thuc.

3. to rase to the ground, pull down, ta;" povlei" Id.; tw`n teicw`n a part of the walls, Xen.
4. to cancel, rescind, to; yhvfisma Thuc.
5. as Att. law-term, to condemn, Soph.
6. to reduce in flesh, Plut.
III. to overpower, seize, ka;d dev min u{pno" h{/rei (in tmesi) Od.; kaq. tina; ejn ajfrosuvnh/ to catch in the act of folly, Soph. : c. gen. part is, k. tw`n w[twn to seize by the ears, Theocr.

IV. to fetch down as a reward or prize, kaqairei`n ajgw`na or ajgwvnisma Plut .: metaph. to achieve, Pind. ; so in Med. , fovnw/ kaqairei`sqÆ, ouj lovgw/, ta; pravgmata Eur .; in Pass. , Hdt.

V. more rarely like the simple aiJrevw , to take and carry off, seize, Id.


: ka±qaivrw : f. ka±qa±rw` : aor. I ejkavqhra : Med. , f. kaqarou`mai : aor. I ejkaqhravmhn :— Pass. , aor. I ejkaqavrqhn : pf. kekavqarmai : ( kaqarov" ):

I. of the person or thing purified, to make pure or clean, cleanse, clean, purge, kaqhvrante" crova u{dati Od.:— to purge, clear a land of monsters and robbers, Soph.

2. in religious sense, to cleanse, purify, »devpa"1/4 ejkavqhre qeeivw/ purified it by fumigating with sulphur,
kaq. tina; fovnou to purify him from blood, Hdt. ; Dh`lon k . Id.:— Med. to purify oneself, get purified, Id.; oiJ filosofiva/ kaqhravmenoi Plat .:—so Pass. , kekaqarmevno" Id.

3. to prune a tree, i.e. clear it of superfluous wood, N.T.
4. metaph ., = mastigovw , like our vulgar phrase ‘to rub down,’ Theocr.
II. of the thing removed by purification, to purge away, wash off or away, luvmata Il.; rJuvpa Od.; fovnon Aesch.

III. c. dupl. acc. , ai|ma kavqhron Sarphdovna cleanse Sarpedon of blood, wash the blood off him,
Pass. , fovnon kaqarqeiv" Hdt.


ka`q-avllomai , f. -a±lou`mai : aor. I -hlavmhn : Dep. :— to leap down, Xen .: metaph. of a storm, to rush down, Il.


kaq-avpan , Adv. on the whole; divisim kaqÆ a{pan .

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