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kaq-avpax , Adv. once for all, Od., Dem. :—then, like aJplw`" , once for all, absolutely, Dem.


kaqavper, kaqapereiv, kaqaperaneiv , v. sub. kaqav .


kaqaptov" , hv, ovn , bound with, equipt with a thing, c. dat ., Ar. From kaqavptw


kaq-avptw , Ion. kat- , f. yw :— to fasten, fix or put upon, tiv tini Soph .; so, k. ti ajmfiv tini Eur .; ejpiv ti Xen .: —Pass ., brovcw/ kaqhmmevno" ( pf. part .) fastened with a halter, i.e. hung, Soph.

2. to dress, clothe, in Med. , skeuh`/ sw`mÆ ejmo;n kaqavyomai Eur.
3. intr. in sense of Med. ( II ), to lay hold of, tinov" N.T.
II. Med ., kaqavptesqaiv tina ejpevessi , in good or bad sense, as, su; tovn gÆ ejpevessi kaqavptesqai malakoi`si or meilicivoi" do thou accost or address him with gentle words, Hom. ; or, ajntibivoi" ejpevessi kaqaptovmeno" assailing or attacking. . , Od.: also without qualifying words, to accost or assail, gevronta kaqaptovmeno" proseveipen Id.

2. c. gen. to assail, attack, upbraid, Hdt ., Att. ;—also, like Lat. antestari , qew`n kataptovmeno" appealing to them, Hdt.

3. to lay hold of, turannivdo" Solon; brevfeo" Theocr.


ka±qavreio" , and kaqavrio" , on , ( kaqarov" ) of persons, cleanly, neat, nice, tidy, Lat. mundus , Arist .:— Adv. -eivw" or -ivw" , Xen. , etc.


ka±qa±reutevon , one must keep oneself clean, Luc.


ka±qa±reuvw , f. sw , ( kaqarov" ) to be clean or pure, Plat .: —c. gen. to be clean or free from guilt, Plut. ; also,
k. ajpÆ aujtou` ( sc. tou` swvmato" ) Plat. ; also, kaq. gnwvmh/ to be pure or clear in mind, Ar.


ka±qa±rivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( kaqarov" ) to make clean, to cleanse, N.T .: —Pass. to be or become clean from disease, Ib.; and of the disease, to be purged away, Ib.


ka±qavrio" , = kaqavreio" .


ka±qa±riovth" , hto", hJ , cleanliness, purity, Hdt ., Xen.


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