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katar-ravkth" , ou , ( katar-rhvgnumi ), or kat-aravkth" ( kat-aravssw ):

I. as Adj. down-rushing, to;n katarravkthn ojdovn ( Att. for oujdovn ) to the downward entrance [of Hades], Soph.

II. as Subst. broken water, a waterfall, Lat. cataracta , Strab.
2. a kind of portcullis, Plut.
3. a sea-bird, so called from rushing down upon its prey, a gull, Ar.


katarraktov" , hv, ovn , = foreg., k. quvra a trap-door, Plut.


katar-ravptw , f. yw , to stitch on or over, quvrh katerrammevnh rJivpei> kalavmwn a frame lashed to a crate of reeds, Hdt.

II. to stitch tight, Plut.
2. metaph. to devise, compass, Aesch. From katavrrafo"


katavrra±fo" , on , sewn together, patched, Luc.


katar-revzw , f. xw , to pat with the hand, to stroke, caress, like Lat. mulcere , ceiri; dev min katevrexe ( Ep. for katerr- ) Hom. ; also karrevzousa ( Ep. for katarr- )Il.


katar-revpw , f. yw , to make to incline downwards, make to fall, Soph.


katar-revw , f. -reuvsomai and -ruhvsomai : pf. -erruvhka : aor. 2 in pass. form -erruvhn :— to flow down,
Il., Hdt. , Att.
2. of men, to stream or rush down, Ar ., Thuc.
3. of fruit, leaves, etc. , to fall off, Xen.
4. to fall in ruins, Dem.
5. k. ei[" tina to come to, fall to the lot of, Theocr ., Bion.
II. k. fovnw/ to run down with blood, Eur. ; so in Med. , Plut.


katar-rhvgnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -rhvxw , to break down, th;n gevfuran Hdt .; mevlaqra Eur.

2. to tear in pieces, rend, Dem .: —Med ., katerrhvxanto tou;" kiqw`na" they rent their coats, Hdt.
3. in Soph. Ant. 675 tropa;" katarrhvgnusi »hJ ajnarciva1/4 breaks up armies and turns them to flight.
II. Pass ., aor. 2 katerravghn »a±1/4 , with pf. act. katevrrwga :— to be broken down, to be thrown down and broken, Hdt.

2. to fall or rush down, to break or burst out, of storms, Id.; of tears, Eur. :— metaph. , oJ povlemo" katerravgh Ar.

3. to be broken in pieces, Ai[gupto" melavggaiov" te kai; katerrhgmevnh with black and crumbling soil, Hdt.

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