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signal, Plut. ; but also, k. th`/ ceiriv to beckon with the hand, N.T. : absol. , kataseivein tiniv to beckon to another, as a sign for him to be silent, Xen.


kataseuvomai , Pass. , to rush back into, c. acc ., ku`ma katevssuto ( Ep. aor. 2) rJeveqra Il.


kata-shmaivnw , f. a±nw` , to seal up: Med. to have a thing sealed up, Plat.


kata-shvpw , to make rotten, let rot, Xen .: —Pass ., aor. 2 kat-esavphn »a±1/4 , Ep. 3 sing. subj. -saphvh/ , with pf. 2 act. kata-sevshpa , to grow rotten, rot away.


kat-asqenevw , f. hvsw , to weaken, Anth.


kat-asqmaivnw , to pant and struggle against a thing, c. gen ., Aesch.


kata-si<Eth>gavw , f. hvsomai , to become silent, Plat.


kata-siØkelivzw turovn , to Sicilise (i.e. to consume) the cheese (in allusion to the peculations of Laches in Sicily), Ar.


kata-si<Eth>tevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to eat up, feed on, Hdt.


kata-siØwpavw , f. hvsomai , to be silent about a thing, Dem.

II. Causal, to make silent, silence, Xen .: Med. to cause silence, Id.


kata-skavptw , f. yw , to dig down, destroy utterly, rase to the ground, overthrow, Hdt ., Soph. , etc. :— Pass. , oijkiva oiJ kateskavfh ( aor. 2) Hdt. Hence kataskafhv


kataska±fhv , hJ , a rasing to the ground, destruction, Trag.

II. gh`" kataskafaiva grave deep dug in earth, Aesch. ; qanovntwn ej" kataskafav" , i.e. to the grave, Soph .; and


kataska±fhv" , ev" , dug down, k. oi[khsi" the deep-dug dwelling, i.e. the grave, Soph.

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