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kata-skedavnnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -skedavsw »a±1/4 , to scatter, or pour upon or over, ti katav tino" Ar .; also tiv tino" , Dem. , etc.

2. k. fhvmhn to spread a report against one, Plat.
3. Med. to pour or sprinkle about, Xen.


kataskevllomai , Pass. to become a skeleton, wither or pine away, Aesch .:—so in pf. act. katevsklhka and plqpf. katesklhvkei , Babr.


kataskevptomai , a late form, = kataskopevw , q.v.


kata-skeuavzw , f. -skeuavsw :— to equip or furnish fully, Dem .; so in Med. , Xen. :— Pass. , skhnh; crusw`/ kateskeuasmevnh Hdt ., etc.

2. to get ready, make, build, Id., Plat. , etc. :—hence, to prepare, arrange, dhmokrativan Xen .; sumpovsion Plat ., etc. :— Med. to make for oneself, esp. to build a house and furnish it, Thuc. : to pack up, also opp. to ajnaskeuavzesqai , Xen.

3. of fraudulent transactions, to get up, trump up, Id., etc. ; of persons, to suborn, Arist.
4. to make so and so, with a second acc. , eij mh; Gorgivan Nevstorav tina kataskeuavzei" unless you make Gorgias a kind of Nestor, Plat. : also, to represent as so and so, k. tina; pavroinon , Dem.

5. in Logic, to construct an argument, Arist.
6. absol. in Med. to make ready for doing, wJ" polemhvsonte" Thuc .; wJ" oijkhvswn Xen. Hence kataskeuvasma


kataskeuvasma , ato", tov , that which is prepared or made, a building, structure, edifice, Dem.

II. an arrangement, contrivance, device, Id.; and kataskeuasmov"


kataskeuasmov" , oJ , contrivance, Dem .; and kataskeuastevon


kataskeuastevon , one must prepare or make, Xen.


kata-skeuhv , hJ , preparation, ejn kataskeuh`/ tou` polevmou in preparing for it, Thuc. ; the equipment of ships, engines, etc. , Id.

II. any kind of furniture that is fixed, opp. to what is movable ( paraskeuhv ), buildings, fixtures, Id.; but also, like paraskeuhv , any furniture, Hdt ., Thuc.

III. the state, condition, constitution of a thing, Eur. , Plat.
IV. a device, trick, Aeschin.


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