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kaq-izavnw »a±1/4 , to sit down, qw`kovnde kaqivzanon they went to the council and took their seats, Od.; mavnti" ej" qrovnou" k . Aesch.


kaq-ivzw , Ion. kat- : impf. kaqi`zon or kavqizon , Att. ejkavqizon (as if the Verb were not a compd.):— f. Att. kaqiw` Xen ., Dor. kaqixw` :— aor. I ejkavqiØsa , Ep. kavqiØsa Il., Att. also kaqi`sa , Ion. kati`sa , Ep. part. kaqivssa" , Dor. kaqivxa" :—another aor. I is kaqei`sa or -qessa :— Med. , impf. ejkaqizovmhn : f. kaqizhvsomai , later kaqivsomai :— aor. I ejkaqisavmhn :

I. Causal, to make to sit down, seat, Il., Hdt. ; kaqivsai tina; eij" qrovnon Xen.
2. to set or place, Hom .; kaqivsai stratovn to encamp it, Eur. , Thuc.
b. to set or place for any purpose, post, Od.; kaqivsai fulavkou", fuvlaka" to set guards, Hdt. , Xen.
3. to set up, ajndriavnta kavqessan Pind.
4. to make an assembly take their seats, Od.; k. to; dikasthvrion to hold the court, Ar.
5. to put into a certain condition, klaivontav tina k . to set him a-weeping, Plat. ; also, klaivein tina; k . to make him weep, Xen.

II. intr ., like kaqevzomai , to sit down, be seated, take ones seat, sit, Hom ., etc. :— c. acc ., kaq. trivpoda, bwmovn , (as we say ‘to sit a horse’), Eur.

2. to sit at meals, Lat. discumbere , Xen.
3. to sit as judge, Hdt ., Dem.
4. to sit down in a country, encamp, Thuc.
5. to settle, sink in, Plat.
III. the Med. is also used in intr. sense, Il., Theocr. , etc. ; kaqivzesqai to take their seats (in the theatre), Dem.


kaq-ivhmi , Ion. kat- : f. kaqhvsw : aor. I kaqh`ka , Ep. kaqevhka : pf. kaqei`ka :— to send down, let fall, Lat. demittere , Hom ., etc. ; »iJstiva1/4 ej" nh`a" kavqemen (1 pl. aor. 2) we let down, lowered the sails, Od.; k. a[gkuran Hdt .; k. katapeirhthrivhn to let down a sounding-line, Id.; kaqievnai to sound, Plat .; kaqh`ke ta; skevlh let down his legs, of one who had been lying down, Id.; k. dovru to let down ones pike, bring it to the rest, Xen .; k. ta;" kwvpa" to let down the oars, so as to stop the ships way, Thuc. :—rarely of striking, diÆ ojmfalou` kaqh`ken e[gco" Eur .; govnu kaqei`san sank on their knee, Id.:— Pass. to come down, of a cows udder, Hdt. ; kaqei`to ta; teivch the walls were carried down to the water, Thuc.

2. to send down into the arena, enter for racing, a{rmata, zeuvgh Id.; tou`ton to;n lovgon kaqei`ke has entered this plea, Dem.

3. to set at, Lat. immittere , Luc .: —Pass. to be put in motion, hJ strathlasivh kativeto ej" th;n\Ellavda Hdt.

II. seemingly intr. ( sub. eJautovn ), to swoop down like a wind, Ar. ; of rivers, to run down, Plat .; k. eij" govnu to sink on the knee, Plut.


kaqivkeo »i<Eth>1/4 , 2 sing. aor. 2 of kaqiknevomai .


kaq-iketeuvw , Ion. kat- , f. sw , to beg earnestly, Eur.

2. to offer earnest prayers, Hdt.

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