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kata-tugcavnw , f. -teuvxomai , to hit ones mark, to be successful, Dem.


kat-augavzw , f. sw , to shine upon: Med. to gaze at, see, Anth. Hence kataugasmov"


kataugasmov" , oJ , a shining brightly, Plut.


kat-audavw , f. hvsw , to speak out, speak plainly, Soph.


kat-aulevw , f. hvsw , to play upon the flute to, tinov" Plat .: —Pass ., of persons, to have it played to one, Id.:— Pass. to resound with flute-playing, Plut.

II. c. acc. pers. to overpower by flute-playing: —generally, to overpower, strike dumb, Eur.


kat-aulivzomai : aor. I kathulivsqhn , later kathulisavmhn : Dep. :— to be under shelter of a hall, house, tent, Soph ., Eur.


kat-aucevw , f. hvsw , to exult in a thing, c. dat ., Aesch.


kata-fa±gei`n , serving as aor. 2 to kat-esqivw , to devour, eat up, Il., Hdt.

2. to spend in eating, waste, devour, Od., Aeschin.


kata-faivnw , f. -fa±nw , to declare, make known, Pind.

II. Pass ., f. -fa±nhvsomai , aor. 2 kat-efavnhn »a±1/4 , to become visible, appear, h. Hom. , Hdt.
2. to be quite clear or plain, Hdt ., Plat. ; katefavnh tw`/ Dareivw/ tecnavzein it was apparent to Darius that he was playing tricks, Hdt. Hence katafanhv"


katafa±nhv" , ev" , clearly seen, in sight, Xen .; ejn katafanei` in an open place, Id.

2. manifest, evident, katafane;" poiei`n or poiei`sqaiv ti Hdt ., Xen. ; katafanevstero" ei\nai kakourgw`n Thuc:— Adv. -nw`" , evidently, plainly, Ar .; katafanevsteron h] w{ste lanqavnein too manifestly to escape detection, Thuc.


katavfarkto" , on , = katavfrakto" .


kata-farma±keuvw , f. sw , to anoint with drugs or charms, to enchant, bewitch, Plat.

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