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b. to earn or gain by labour, to achieve, acquire, th;n hJgemonivhn Hdt .; swthrivan Eur .; in pass. sense, ajreth; ajpo; sofivh" katergasmevnh Hdt.
c. absol. to be successful, Id.
2. c. acc. pers., like Lat. conficere , to make an end of, finish, kill, Id., Soph. , Eur.
b. to overpower, subdue, conquer Hdt ., Ar. , Thuc. :— pf. pass. to be overcome, Thuc .; kateivrgastai pevdon is subdued, brought under cultivation, Aesch.
c. to prevail upon, Hdt ., Xen. :— aor. I pass ., oujk ejduvnato katergasqh`nai could not be prevailed upon, Hdt.

II. to work up for use, Lat. concoquere , k. mevli to make honey, Id.


katevrgnumi, katevrgw , Ion. for kateivr- .


kat-ereiktov" , v. kateriktov" .


kat-ereivkw , f. xw , to grind down: metaph. , k. qumovn to fritter it away, smooth it down, Ar .: —Med. to rend ones garments, in token of sorrow, Hdt. , Aesch.


kat-ereivpw , f. yw , to throw or cast down, Orac. ap. Hdt. :— Pass. to fall in ruins, of Troy, Eur. II. intr. in aor. 2 kat-hvriØpon , to fall down, fall prostrate, Il., Theocr. ; so in pf. , tei`co" kat-erhvripen Il.


katevrexa , aor. I of katarrevzw .


kat-ereuvgw , aor. 2 -hvruØgon , to belch over, tinov" Ar.


kat-erevfw , f. yw , to cover over, roof, Plut .: —Med. to roof over for oneself or what is ones own, Ar.


kat-erevw , Att. kat-erw` , serving as fut. of the aor. 2 katei`pon : pf. kateivrhka :— to speak against, accuse, tinov" Xen ., Plat.

2. c. acc. to denounce, Hdt.
II. to say or tell plainly, speak out, Id., Eur. , etc. :— Pass. , kateirhvsetai it shall be declared, Hdt.


katerhvriØpe , 3 sing. pf. intr. of katereivpw .


kat-erhtuvw , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 , to hold back, Hom ., Soph.

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