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katovyomai : pf. katw`mmai : aor. I katwvfqhn :—for the aor. 2, v. katei`don :— to look down, Il., Hdt. ; so in Med. , Il.

II. c. acc. to look down upon, oJpovsou" hjevlio" kaqora`/ Theogn ., etc.
2. to have within view, to perceive, Hdt ., Ar. , etc.
3. to look to, observe, Pind ., Ar.
4. to explore, ta; a[lla Hdt.


kaq-ormavw , = oJrmavw , Anth.


kaq-ormivzw , f. Att. iw` , to bring a ship into harbour, bring to anchor, Plut .: —Pass ., with aor. I med ., to come into harbour, put in, Thuc.

2. metaph ., ej" tavsde sauto;n phmona;" kaqwvrmisa" hast brought thyself to such miseries, Aesch.


kaq-osiovomai , Med. to dedicate, qew`/ Eur .: —Pass ., kaqwsiwvqh Ar.

2. k. povlin kaqarmoi`" to purify, Plut.


kaqovson , for kaqÆ o{son , in so far as, inasmuch as, Thuc.


kaqovti , Ion. katovti , for kaqÆ o{ ti , in what manner, Hdt ., Thuc.


kaqou` , aor. 2 med. imper. of kaqivhmi .

II. imper. of kavqhmai .


kaq-ubrivzw , Ion. kat- , f. Att. iw` , to treat despitefully, to insult or affront wantontly, tinav Soph ., etc. ; also tinov" Id.:— Pass. , absol. , to wax wanton, Id.


kavq-udro" »uØ1/4, on , ( u{dwr ) full of water, kavqudro" kravthr , poët. for water itself, Soph.


kaq-upera±kontivzw , f. sw , to overshoot completely, Ar.


kaq-uvperqe , poët. before a vowel -qen : Ion. katuvperqe : Adv. :— from above, down from above, Hom ., etc. :— c. gen ., k. melaqrovfin Od.

2. on the top or upper side, above, Ib.; kaq. ejpirrevei floats atop, Il.:—to denote geographical position, Frugivh kaquvperqe Ib.; c. gen ., kaquvperqe Civou above, i.e. north of, Chios, Od.; ta; k . the upper country, i.e. further inland, ta; k. th`" livmnh" Hdt .; kaquvperqe genevsqai tinov" , properly, of a

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