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kedriva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , cedar resin or oil, Hdt .; and kevdrino"


kevdriØno" , h, on , of cedar, Il., Eur. From kevdro"

kevdro", KE vDROS

KE vDROS , hJ , the cedar-tree, Lat. cedrus , Od., Hdt.

II. anything made of cedar-wood; a cedar-coffin, Eur .; a cedar-box, for a bee-hive, Theocr.
III. cedar-oil, Luc. Hence kedrwtov"


kedrwtov" , hv, ovn , made of or inlaid with cedar-wood, Eur.


kevesqai, kevetai , Ion. for kei`sqai, kei`tai , inf. and 3 sing. of kei`mai .


keiavmeno" , Ep. aor. I Med. part. of kaivw :— keivante" , aor. I act. part. pl.


kei`qen, kei`qi , Ion. and Ep. for ejkei`qen thence, ejkei`qi there.

kei`mai, KE `IMAI, kei`mai

KE `IMAI , kei`sai, kei`tai , Ion. kevetai ; pl. , kei`ntai , Ion. keva±tai , Ep. also kevontai :— imperat. kei`so, keivsqw :— subj. , 3 sing. kevhtai , Ep. kh`tai :— opt. keoivmhn :— inf. , kei`sqai , Ion. kevesqai ;— part. keivmeno" :— impf. , ejkeivmhn , Ep. keivmhn , Ep. 3 sing. kevsketo , Ion. 3 pl. ejkevato , Ep. kevato, keivato :— fut. keivsomai , Dor. keiseu`mai . Radical sense, to be laid (used as a Pass. to tivqhmi ), and so to lie, lie outstretched, Hom ., etc. ; oJ dÆ ejpÆ e[nnea kei`to pevleqra lay stretched over nine plethra, Od.; keimevnw/ ejpiphda`/n to kick him when hes down, Ar.

2. to lie asleep, repose, Hom ., etc. :—also, to lie idle, lie still, Id.; uJpo; gastevrÆ ejlusqei;" keivmhn of Ulysses under the rams belly, Od.; kako;n keivmenon a sleeping evil, Soph.

3. to lie sick or wounded, lie in misery, Hom ., Soph. , etc. ; to lie at the mercy of the conqueror, Aesch.
4. to lie dead, like Lat. jacere , Hom ., Hdt. , Trag.
5. to lie neglected or uncared for, of an unburied corpse, Il.;—so also of places, to lie in ruins, Aesch.
6. of wrestlers, to have a fall, Id., Ar.
II. of places, to lie, be situated, Od., Hdt. , Att.
III. to be laid up, be in store, of goods, property, Hom. ;—also of things dedicated to a god, Hdt. ; of money, keivmena deposits, Id.

IV. to be set up, proposed, kei`tai a[eqlon Il.; o{plwn e[keitÆ ajgw;n pevri Soph.
2. of laws, kei`tai novmo" the law is laid down, Eur ., Thuc. ; oiJ novmoi oiJ keivmenoi the established laws, Ar. ; kei`tai zhmiva the penalty is fixed by law, Thuc.

3. of names, kei`tai o[noma the name is given, Hdt ., Xen.
V. metaph ., pevnqo" ejni; fresi; kei`tai grief lies heavy on my heart, Od.; tau`ta qew`n ejn gouvnasi kei`tai , i.e. these things are yet in the power of the gods, to give or not, Il.

2. kei`sqai e[n tini to rest entirely or be dependent on him, Pind .; qew`/ keivmeqa Soph.

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