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wrestler who falls atop of his opponent; hence, to have the upper hand of, Id.

II. of Time, before, c. gen ., Id.


kaq-upevrtero" , a, on , Ion. kat-up- , h, on , Comp. Adj .: ( kaquvperqe ):— above: metaph. having the upper hand, superior, k. givgnesqai Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. : c. gen ., povli" k. tw`n ajntipavlwn Xen .: —neut. kaqupevrteron as Adv. , = kaquvperqe , Theocr. :— Sup. kaqupevrtato" , h, on , highest, ejn th`/ katupertavth/ th`" gh`" Hdt.


kaq-upiscnevomai , strengthd. for uJpisc- , Luc.


kaq-upnovw , Ion. kat- , f. wsw , to be fast asleep, fall asleep, Hdt ., Xen. :— Pass. , pf. part. katupnwmevno" asleep, Hdt.


kaq-upokrivnomai »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -kriØnou`mai , Dep. to subdue by histrionic arts, Dem.

II. c. inf. to pretend to be some one else, Luc.


kaq-usterevw , f. hvsw , to come far behind, Plut .: absol. to be behind-hand, Menand.


kaq-ufivhmi , f. -ufhvsw , to give up treacherously, Dem .; kaq. to;n ajgw`na to conduct it treacherously, compromise it, Dem. ; so also in Med. , with pf. pass ., Id.

II. Med ., kaqufivesqaiv tini to give way to any one, Xen.


kaq-wv" , Adv. , = kaqav , Hdt. , N.T.

II. how, N.T.


kaij , crasis for kai; aij .

kaiv, KA vI, kaiv

KA vI , Conjunction, used in two principal senses, either copulative, to join words and sentences, and, Lat. et ; or making a single word or clause emphatic, also, even, Lat. etiam .

A. copulative, and, merely joining words or sentences, Lat. et , while te answers to que, Hom ., etc. : to combine more closely, te. . , kai; . . are used, a[rktoi te kai; levonte" both bears and lions, etc. ; often to add epithets after poluv", polla; kai; ejsqlav Il.; polla; kai; megavla Dem ., etc. :— qeoi; kai; Zeuv" all the gods, and above all Zeus, Aesch. ; a[lloi te kaiv. . , a[llw" te kaiv . . , v. a[llo" , a[llw" :— ojlivgou tino;" a[xia kai; oujdenov" worth little or nothing, Plat.

II. in questions, to introduce an objection, kai; pw`" . . ; but how. . ? nay how can it be? Eur. , etc. :—also = kaivtoi , and yet, Ar.

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