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III. after words implying sameness or likeness, kaiv must be rendered by as, like Lat. atque or ac after aeque, perinde, simul, gnwvmh/si oJmoivh/si kai; suv the same opinion as you, Hdt. ; i[son or i[sa kaiv . . , Soph. , etc. : in Att. , kaiv. . , kaiv . . answer to the Lat. cum, tum , not only, but also, Plat ., etc.

B. influencing single words or clauses, also, even, Lat. etiam , e[peitav me kai; livpoi aijwvn then let life also forsake me, i.e. life as well as all other goods, Il.; kai; aujtoiv they also, they likewise, Xen .; ei[per tiskai; a[llo" Plat ., etc.


kaiavda" , gen. ou Dor. a, oJ , a pit at Sparta, into which criminals were thrown, like the Athen. bavraqron , Thuc. , Plut. (Lacon. word.)


kai; gavr , for truly, to confirm a proposition, Lat. etenim , Hom ., etc. :—also kai; ga;r dhv for of a surety,
Il.; kai; gavr rJa Ib.; kai; ga;r ou\n, kai; gavr toi , Lat. etenim profecto , Plat ., etc.


kai; dev , but also, Hom.


kai; dhv , nay further, Hdt.


kai; eij , by crasis keij , even if, although, Hom.


kai[ka<Eth> , crasis for kai; ai[ka .


kaikiva" , ou, oJ , the north-east wind, Ar.


kai; mhvn , v. sub mhvn II . 2


kainivzw , f. Att. iØw` , ( kainov" ) to make new: hence, kaiv ti kainivzei stevgh and the house has something strange about it, Soph. ; kaivnison zugovn try on thy new yoke, handsel it, Aesch. ; k. eujcav" to offer new, strange prayers, Eur.


Kainovn , tov , the New Court, at Athens, Ar.


kaino-pa±qhv" , ev" , ( paqei`n ) newly suffered: unheard of, Soph.


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