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kivbdo", KI vBDOS

KI vBDOS , oJ , dross, alloy.


kivbiØsi" »kiØ1/4, hJ , a pouch, wallet, Hes. (A Cyprianword.)


ki<Eth>bwvtion , tov , Dim. of kibwtov" , Ar.


ki<Eth>bwtov" , hJ , a wooden box, chest, coffer, Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kigklivzw , ( kivgklo" ) to wag the tail: metaph. to change constantly, Theogn.

kigkliv", KIGKLI vS

KIGKLI vS , ivdo", hJ , mostly in pl. kigklivde" , thelatticed gates in the law-courts or council-chamber, through which the members passed, Ar. ; metaph. , means waitings at the bar, the laws delays, Plut .; in sing. , ejnto;" th`" kigklivdo" diatrivbein to live in court, Luc.

kivgklo", KI vGKLOS

KI vGKLOS , oJ , prob. a kind of wagtail, Theogn.


kigcavnw »a±1/4 , v. sub kicavnw »a<Eth>1/4 .


kivdnamai , Pass. = skedavnnumai , only in pres. and impf. , to be spread abroad or over, of the dawning day, Il.; u{pno" ejpÆ o[ssoi" k . Eur.

ki qavra, KI QA vRA, kiqavra

K ØIQA vRA , Ion. -rh »qa<Eth>1/4, hJ , the Lat. citha¬ra (whence guitar ), a kind of lyre or lute, h. Hom. , Hdt. , Att. :—it was of triangular shape, with seven strings, Eur. Cf. sq.


kiØqa±rivzw , f. ivsw , ( kivqari" ) to play the cithara, fovrmiggi kiqavrize Il., Hes. ; luvrh/ ejrato;n kiqarivzwn

h. Hom. ; (so that there can have been no great difference between the kiqavra, luvra , and fovrmigx ); kiqarivzein oujk ejpivstatai , of an uneducated person, Ar.


kivqa±ri" , io", hJ , acc. kivqarin , = kiqavra , Hom. , etc.

II. = kiqaristuv" , Id.


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