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wool and presented by suppliants, Hdt. , Aesch. , Soph.


klavdo" , tov , = foreg., dat. sing. and pl. kladiv, klavdesi , Ar.

klavzw, KLA vZW

KLA vZW , f. klavgxw : aor. I e[klagxa : aor. 2 e[kla±gon : pf. kevklagga , subj. keklavggw , Ep. part. keklhgwv" , pl. keklhgw`te" :— Pass. , f. keklavgxomai :— to make a sharp piercing sound, of birds, to scream, screech, Il., Soph. , etc. ; of dogs, to bark, bay, Od., Ar. ; of things, as of arrows in the quiver, to clash, rattle, Il.; of the wind, to whistle, Od.; of wheels, to creak, Aesch .; c. acc. cogn. , klavzousi fovbon ring forth terror, Id.

2. of men, to shout, scream, Il.:—the nearest approach to articulate sound is in Aesch. , mavnti" e[klagxen a[llo mh`car shrieked forth another remedy; Zh`na ejpinivkia klavzwn sounding loudly the victory-song of Zeus, Id.


klavi>stron , tov , Dor. for klei`stron .

klaivw, KLAI vW

KLAI vW , Att. klavw »a<Eth>1/4 ; Ep. 2 sing. opt. klaivoisqa ; Att. impf. e[kla<Eth>on , Ep. klai`on , Ion. klaiveskon :— f. klauvsomai , Dor. klausou`mai , Att. also klaihvsw or klahvsw : aor. I e[klausa , Ep. klau`sa :— Pass. , f. keklauvsomai : aor. I ejklauvsqhn : pf. kevklaumai :

I. intr. to weep, lament, wail, Hom ., etc. ; aujto;n klaivonta ajfhvsw I shall send him home weeping, i.e. well beaten, Il.; hence klauvsetai he shall weep, i.e. he shall repent it, Ar .; klauvsei makrav Id.; klavwn to yoursorrow, at your peril, Soph ., Eur. ; klavein se levgw or keleuvw , Lat. plorare te jubeo , Ar.

II. trans. to weep for, lament, Hom .:—in Pass. to be lamented, Aesch .: impers. , mavthn ejmoi; keklauvsetai I shall mourn in vain, Ar.

III. Med. to bewail oneself, weep aloud, Aesch .; so pf. part. pass ., keklaumevno" bathed in tears, all tears, Id., Soph.

2. trans. to bewail to oneself, Soph.


klai-wmiØliva , hJ , ( oJmiliva ) fellowship in tears, Anth.


klambov" , hv, ovn , mutilated, Hippiatr.


klavx , a<Eth>ko", hJ , Dor. for kleiv" .


kla/xw` , Dor. fut. of kleivw , to shut.


kla`ro", kla<Eth>rovw , Dor. for klhr- .

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