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ajp-eklhivsqhn ; pf. keklhvi<Eth>mai : 3 pl. plqpf. ejkeklhivato :—old Att.


klhv/w : f. klhv/sw : aor. I e[klh/sa : pf. kevklh/ka :— Med. , aor. I inf. klhv/sasqai :— Pass. , aor. I ejklhv/sqhn : pf. kevklh/mai :— Dor. , f. kla/xw` : aor. imper. and part. ajpokla`xon, -klavxa" :— to shut, close, bar, klhvisen de; quvra" barred the doors, Od.; ejklhvisen ojch`a" shot the bars, so as to close the door, Ib.; klhv/ein stovma Eur.

2. to shut up, close, block, Bovsporon klhv/sai Aesch .; klhv/sein tou;" e[splou" nausiv Thuc .: —Pass. to be shut up, Hdt.

II. to confine, Eur.


kleivw (B), Ep. for klevw , to celebrate,


Kleiwv , ou`", hJ , Clio, one of the Muses, Hes. etc .; esp. the Muse of Ep. Poetry and History. (From klevw, kleivw , to celebrate.)


klevmma , ato", tov , ( klevptw ) a theft, Eur ., Ar.

II. a stratagem in war, Thuc .: a fraud, Dem ., Aeschin.


klevo" , tov , only in nom. and acc. sing. and pl. : Ep. pl. kleva±, klei`a : ( klevw ):— a rumour, report, news, Lat. fama , Hom .; so;n klevo" news of thee, Od.; c. gen ., klevo" jAcaiw`n the report of their coming, Il.:— a mere report, opp. to certainty, klevo" oi\on ajkouvomen, oujdev ti i[dmen we hear a rumour only, but know naught, Ib.

II. good report, fame, glory, Hom .; klevo" oujrano;n i{kei Od.; kl. eJlevsqai, euJrevsqai Pind .; labei`n Soph. ; kl. kataqevsqai to lay up store of glory, Hdt ., etc. :—in pl. , a[eide kleva ajndrw`n ( shortd. from klevea ), was singing the lays of their achievements, Il.

2. in bad sense, duvsfhmon klevo" ill repute, Pind .; aijscro;n kl . Eur. ;—both senses combined in Thuc. , h|" a]n ejpÆ ejlavciston ajreth`" pevri h] yovgou klevo" h\/ of whom there is least talk either for praise or blame.


kleptevon , verb. Adj. of klevptw , one must conceal, Soph.


klevpth" , ou, oJ , ( klevptw ) a thief, Il., Aesch. , etc. : generally, a cheat, knave, Soph.


kleptikov" , hv, ovn , ( klevptw ) thievish: hJ -khv ( sc. tevcnh ) thieving, Plat.


kleptivstato" , h, on , Sup. Adj. formed from klevpth" , the most arrant thief, Ar.

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